BT are a shambles

  cliffo27 14:02 01 Oct 2010

A warning to all!

Placed order for BT infinity on the 20th Sept and had an engineer appointment booked for the 6th Oct, slightly annoyed I had to wait over two weeks but couldn't do anything about it.

Rang BT on Monday the 27th to see if an earlier appointment had become available and (after 30 minutes on hold) was told that there was a problem with my order but they couldn't tell me what as the technical team were now shut, but not to worry as someone would call within 48 hours. Good job I called!

Unsuprisingly Wednesday (29th) came and I had no call, so rang BT again, this time told all was fine and appointment was still set for the 6th and someone would call within 48hours to confirm.

Shock horror I received no call so I have just rung BT again only to be told that my internet order has been cancelled as has my engineer appointment (nice that someone thought to ring and tell me). I need to wait for BT to take over my phone line on the 6th and then wait a couple of days after this for my internet to go through, in the mean time BT have messaged technical telling them to put my order through again (which takes 48hours) and then they will ring me again (within 48hours) to book an engineer. This means if they do happen to call (which we all know they won't) they will process the order by Tue 5th Oct and not get in touch with me until the 7th Oct, and from then I will have to rebook and engineer appointment which will take 2-3 weeks!

So from me expecting to have it all up and running by the 6th, now I won't even know when my appointment is until the 7th!

Totally rubbish, never once called back by BT, never told there was a problem or even that it had been cancelled so if I had not called I would have wasted a days holiday sitting at home on the 6th for an engineer that was never turning up!

All in all it was take over a month from date of order to date of activiation, and for this pleasure I was charged a £25 activation fee!

Long rant I know, but be warned that if you go through BT you will frequently be lied to and never know what the hell is going on!

  morddwyd 19:54 01 Oct 2010

But you knew what was going on - your engineer would come on the 6th.

It was only when you rang to try and change this that your problems started!

  finerty 21:11 01 Oct 2010

why dont you put in a complaint to BT, to see if they can be of better service

  spuds 21:48 01 Oct 2010

Apparently the CEO of BT wants to hear about incidents like this. Try dropping him a complaint and see if he or one of his senior staff responds.

You could also try Ofcom for their advice.

  Chas49 22:00 08 Oct 2010

I have had two problems with BT recently, on each occasion I couldn't have received better service. Both problems solved quickly, one involved a faulty Homehub where I could have either phone or hub - but not both. They replaced the hub within a cuple of working days - the other was my download speed (half original speed) - this was corrected within 3 hours. BT have, on both occasions requested that I tell them of the how I was treated - so clearly they are doing something to improve the service further. Needless to say, at 80 years young I do not wortk for them!

  naineysman 23:26 10 Oct 2010

I like to reward poor service by withdrawing my money!

Unfortunately we dont all have great choice, im lucky with 20Mb virgin service that regularly runs at 18.

Hope you get sorted.

ps I liaise with BT at work and their business model is crap here too?

  murntine 08:51 14 Oct 2010

Common practice at BT i say. But what are you to do about it? nothing. At that business scale it's getting harder and harder to meet each and every customers need.

  finerty 12:32 14 Oct 2010

yelp they are a complete shambles they claim a lot about the broadband y7etit fails in speed

  wee eddie 12:41 14 Oct 2010

I have only had a couple of problems in all that time and they have been dealt with within 48 hours.

I am always fascinated by those that interpret Adverts for, say an Internet Connection, in their own favour, but would never think to question that "A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play."

Of course Companies promote the better side of the Services that they offer. They would be remiss if they didn't.

There's no requirement for Mars to tell you that it rots your teeth and, potentially, makes you fat and I don't think that you'd really expect it.

Rant over!

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