BT and ADSL Exchanges

  Simon101 08:06 10 Dec 2007

Why is it that The Western Isles (see this map click here) have the only NON ADSL enabled exchanges left in the British Isles and why are BT not doing anything about it?

  Mike D 12:08 10 Dec 2007

Probably due to commercial reasons, such as what is the demand for the services? I would guess the answer would be the same as the reason for no cable tv providers being interested in the Western Isles.

  Chris the Ancient 15:46 10 Dec 2007

And, maybe the existing (and rather long?) lines out to the isles are not capable of handling those sorts of speeds? And then, the distances from the exchange to subscribers may limit the speeds as well.

The investment would have to be huge, and as Mike D says, it's not going to be commercially viable.

I know this is an extreme pain for people on the islands, though.

  laurie53 20:09 10 Dec 2007

Not just the Western Isles the cable companies are not interested in.

I live in a town of 3500 people less than fifty miles from the nation's capital, and no prospect of cable.

  Mike D 22:46 10 Dec 2007

Anyone who an cast their minds back to 1981(?) may well remember Mercury, the first real competition to BT. They provided public call offices in high profile locations and then got out very quickly when they realised how much of a loss maker they were. BT still has to provide the service. There is no way that the Western Isles or any other non-viable location is going to be at the top of any telephone company's Christmas present list.

  Simon101 22:04 11 Dec 2007

The Shetlands are a lot further from the mainland than us , and they have ADSL. Cables are not the only way to transmit telephone and data signals,this is 2007.
Although the population may be small here and spread out in fairly remote locations , everyone I've asked would like broadband to be available via landline, that means BT.
And if BT don't want to do it , the government and Scottish Parliament should do it , they harp on enough about the decline of community and migration t5o the mainland.

  Simon101 22:09 11 Dec 2007

I just measured it , the shortest distance to the mainland is just 18.2 miles. Doesn't seem like much of a cable to me?

  Mike D 08:16 12 Dec 2007

Have you taken it up with BT?

  Simon101 08:33 12 Dec 2007

OH yes , many wasted hours with BT , since my first post I have discovered the MSP is trying to get something done , there is a scheme that works on WiFi , but of course my house is in the wrong place ........

  961 10:13 12 Dec 2007

The Scottish Government is currently trying to provide broadband services where they are poor or do not exist

Have you registered your problem at the website?

click here

  Simon101 14:44 12 Dec 2007

Thanks, but yes , only just though , informed of campaign yesterday.......

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