BT Accounts beginning with GB

  Colin 08:13 14 Aug 2009

I currently pay my BT phone & broadband bill by direct debit and use their online facility to check my account etc. I’ve never had any problems with it. A few days ago I received a letter from BT thanking me for choosing to pay my bill by direct debit and to set up the direct debit by phone, online account or posting the mandate back to them. I thought this was a bit odd so I checked my online account and it has my direct debit set up with no mention of changing it. I’ve not added or changed any of the services I receive from them. However, I’ve noticed on their letter that my account number is different than on the online account. My online account number begins with WM but the one on the letter begins with GB and is a different number all together. I did a Google search abut BT account numbers beginning with GB and got many results complaining about this type of account. My question is, should I ignore the letter or ring them up to see what is going on? Has anyone else received such a letter recently?

  v1asco 08:17 14 Aug 2009

I suggest you call them using contact info from your wm account (just in case it is a scam). If it is

  Colin 09:56 14 Aug 2009

Thanks, Bugle. Was there something else in your reply that got missed off?

I will give them a call but don't fancy being on hold for an age and then trying to explain the situation. Also, the letter I received is on quite poor quality paper and badly presented.

  Mike D 11:25 14 Aug 2009

I received one of the direct debit letters yesterday and rang BT because I have been paying by direct debit for some years. I was told the the GB account had been set up purely to allow the despatch of my iPlate and that I did not need to take any action, or to set up a direct debit.

  Colin 12:26 14 Aug 2009

Thanks, Mike D. You've saved me from wasting my lunch time calling them. I ordered an iPlate which arrived last week. It seems strange that it's generated this letter but BT must move in mysterious ways!

Just so you know, a WM account number is used for broadband accounts within BT. Most of the other 2 letter combinations refer to the region that you live in, ie. TH is for Thames Valley.

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