laurie53 13:44 21 Apr 2009

Earlier today I called BT Customer Services, it doesn't matter why.

While going through the various menu options I was asked if I would like to take part in a customer service survey, if so please press 1.

Since I was a bit fed up with being swapped from menu to menu I thought, Yes, this will be good, and dutifully pressed 1.

"Thank you. Your call is in a queue and will be dealt with in approximately five minutes"!!

Yeah, that'll be right.

So that is what customer service is all about.

I wonder how their survey is doing?

  961 13:55 21 Apr 2009

No longer interested in customer service at the top

The guy you come across with his hands in a hole full of water in the ground and a bundle of wires is generally still working hard to keep his job

  tullie 14:11 21 Apr 2009

So do you think there should be someone available to drop other customers to deal with you straight away?

  laurie53 14:56 21 Apr 2009

Not at all. Read the post.

They asked me to take part in a survey and when I said yes told me I would have to wait five minutes.

I was responding to their request, not the other way around.

If they didn't have anybody available to carry out the survey they shouldn't have asked me.

  tullie 15:07 21 Apr 2009

Sorry,but same answer

  AlouetteIII 16:01 21 Apr 2009

- call centres (of any sort) are one of the banes of modern life - if my call is 'so important to them' why am I asked to hold and listen to rubbish music. I hate them!

  Kevscar1 16:19 21 Apr 2009

It's obvious that they don't realise what an important (or should that be impatient) person you are otherwise I am sure that they would hang up on the other people and give you top priority

  OTT_Buzzard 17:13 21 Apr 2009

i see your point.

You are doing them a favour by particiapting in their survey. If there's a 5 minute queue then they should say so before you agree to do it.

  laurie53 17:20 21 Apr 2009

They asked me if I would help them, not the other way around, and then asked me to wait five minutes to take their survey.

If they weren't ready why did they ask?

During busy periods I am perfectly willing to hang on until someone is available if I am ringing with a query myself, and did so this morning for twenty minutes without complaint, but not when BT are asking me to help them.

At least the "silent callers" hang up if their operatives are all busy.

How on earth do they expect to get reasoned and considered answers to their customer survey if, having already waited twenty minutes to get the actual business of the call out of the way, they then ask the customer to wait another five minutes to do the survey?

  961 19:11 21 Apr 2009

I find it incredible that BT ask someone to take part in a survey and then say "Oh, sorry, we're a bit busy just now, hang on there for around 5 minutes"

Why do you find it strange that someone finds that ridiculous?

Accepting that no one expects them to "hang up on other people" when you are waiting for service can I say that announcements like "we are currently experiencing a high volume of calls" cuts no ice with me. If they advertise and promise good service, be they telecoms, electricity, British Gas, the bank or whatever, they should staff the call centre to deal with the demand. Otherwise the result will be that, eventually, customers go elsewhere

As for BT and its option menu, I gave up on that yonks ago. I now write them a letter. To the Chairman. It's quicker

(It does usually produce a better result)

  caccy 20:04 21 Apr 2009


This was a free phone number I hope?

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