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  the old man 09:16 17 May 2008

Started an 18month contract and took the Motorola razrv8 after recommendation. Contract started last September. Reported poor battery life to Orange in January and was told that this was a problem that Motorola had acknowledged. Then a small piece of the phone fell off, it is the small piece that covers the usb/battery charger socket. The keypad has now developed a fault where the space does not work properly, when coming out of sending a text it goes into the media section, and if you delete letters as you go backwards the delete will actually insert letters i.e. all letters on the 7 key. This is when i am just pressing back. I started to get fed up with the phone and contacted Orange cust. services and discussed the problems with them. They give me a fault number and told me to go to the Orange shop in Chester where i got the phone and took out the contract in the first place. The shop told me that they would not replace the phone and that customer services should not have told me such and the fault number was of no use whatsoever. If I want it sending off to Motorola i would have to pay a fee and i would not have it for between 7 to 14 working days. No chance. Orange told me that I only pay for the service not the phone. I find this hard to understand. They surely are acting as agents for Motorola and provide their equipment with the orange contract. Can someone please advise on what steps I should take. Ideally I would love to be able to change to a totally new phone i.e. new make. If I had identified the problems within 28 days then Orange would have done something about it for me. As it is they won't do a thing.

  Forum Editor 10:50 17 May 2008

although with a different network. I knew about the potential battery life problem before I chose the phone - a quick Google search gives you plenty of information about that, and you have no chance of redress on that point, either with Orange or Motorola. The battery is small because the phone is ultra-slim, and I haven't found it to be a problem with normal call use - it's when you start heavy media use that the battery drains rapidly.

As far as the charge-point cover is concerned, it's also something that I identified as a potential problem, albeit a very minor one. The cover is held by a thin plastic strip, and requires care in use - mine has been OK so far, and I've used it a lot.

The keypad problem may be software or hardware related, it's hard to tell, and Motorola may say it has been caused by 'conditions of use', which is a euphemism for 'it's your fault, you pressed the keys too hard'.

In truth it's a difficult one - Orange isn't responsible for the battery life, the charge-point cover might be down to rough handling, and ditto the keypad. My advice is to send the phone back to Motorola and make a warranty claim.

  spuds 10:51 17 May 2008

For further advice, contact Consumer Direct click here

I would say that Orange have no obligations regarding the Motorola, unless you purchased direct from Orange within the last six months which they have to provide evidence that the fault was not due to a manufacturers problem,after that period, its for you to provide evidence, and only then if accidental damage was not the problem, unless insured against that.

Personally I never have this sort of problem, because I purchase my mobiles on pay as you go, using a (for emergency only) cheaper model mobile. If and when (never yet) any of my mobiles developed a fault, I would simply recycle them.

  birdface 12:44 17 May 2008

All new phones have a one year should not cost you to have it repaired.I normally only use Nokia phones.And the have a place where you can take the phone to it's 25 miles away.or you can post it if you want.It has never cost me anything to get them repaired.If not happy with it i don't see why you cant ask for a replacement one.I can't see why you have to pay a fee to send your phone to Motorola while still under warranty.

  Woolwell 15:09 17 May 2008

I think that your issue is with the manufacturers - Motorola. Have you looked at their site and read the warranty click here
. They have a 1 year warranty but it does not cover misuse or wear and tear.
Suggest that you contact them.

  the old man 10:47 18 May 2008

Thanks for the replies and advice. Will contact Motorola in the morning. I suppose what got my shackles up was the way that Orange Customer services advice was not worth a jot when I went to speak to Orange retail. It comes across that the two are something totally different and that the retail side do not take advice from Customer services.
Thanks again.

  Forum Editor 10:57 18 May 2008

from Customer service"

That's a fairly common complaint about many companies, and it leads to enormous frustration for customers who - quite naturally - think that the right hand of a business necessarily knows (or cares) what the left hand is doing or saying.

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