Broken Toshiba laptop..AGAIN!

  Sazza_Beffers 17:30 28 Aug 2009

I purchased my Toshiba laptop in April 2008. In Febuary 2009, the whole thing broke. Wouldn't turn on and wouldn't charge. I brought it to PC World and they explained that they would need to send it away for repair and could take up to 28 days. After two weeks, i got a call from PC World and i could go to collect my laptop.
It worked fine...for a few weeks when the same problem occured but it would shut down now and again and the charger was tempermental.
Recently, the problem has worsened and the only way i can now get it to charge is if i hold the charger into the laptop and even then it tends to cut out.
I have the TechGuys cover from PC World but the only problem is having my laptop sent away AGAIN. I am in the middle of studying for my A Level exams and it would be impossible for me to do school work without my laptop especially because i am studying ICT which means all my work is based around the use of a computer and the internet.

  WolframBlitzen 22:11 28 Aug 2009

Sazza: you should have re-reported the problem when you first noticed it re-occouring. If you really rely on that computer as your only means of doing your work then letting it get to the point where it’s just not working before you even think about reporting it is NOT a clever idea

On the subject of relying on one computer; are you seriously trying to tell me that in this day and age you don’t have access to another computer you can use?

As for your exams, as I remember my little brother telling me a few weeks ago, they aren’t for another 9 months. You should be okay on that front.

On a different note; Good luck with your exams! :) I’ve been through those myself and went onto do a degree and 4 Microsoft certifications. If you want or need any help with them, then don’t hesitate to email me.

-The Blitz Man

  Sazza_Beffers 23:15 28 Aug 2009

The coursework that i am doing has already been started and has to be worked on up until xmas. And i need my laptop cause i am back and forward from my mum and dads so with having my laptop i can do the work i need to do in both places.
So no, in this day and age i am not trying to tell you that i only have access to one computer but with my circumstances and the fact that i need to move between two different houses it is impossible to do the work that needs done on one home computer because then i would get very behind.
And everyone's exams are different. Exams are in January, coursework for exams is worked on from the day you start back until it is sent away, so no, i won't be ok on that front. If i was ok on that front then i wouldn't be as stressed out as i am about the whole situation and i wouldn't have posted this thread.

  curofone 08:39 29 Aug 2009

i really dont get the point of this thread, you know what you need to do, yeah it might be an incovience to send it away but it is not like you can work on it the state that it is in at the moment and pcworld are not going to give you a new machine just becuse you are doing some coursework.

If this problem started when you said it did then you only have yourself to blame, you have had the whole summer to get the machine repaired but you have choosen to wait until you have some work to do, and please dont claim that you have been working on this coursework all summer and will be up to xmas becuase we bother know that isnt true, only a couple of my computer science degree assigments took that long never mind my old A level stuff.

  WolframBlitzen 10:22 29 Aug 2009

Yeah, I agree with Curofone, there really is no point to this thread.

If you were in that desperate of a need to get the work sorted then you should have got the computer sorted when your first noticed the problem coming back. A-Leves don't require non-stop work from the begining of summer until christmas. Again, like Curofone, My Comp Sci degree stuff needed it, but not A-level.

  SB23 13:27 29 Aug 2009

I should do a backup of the work you have done / completed, asap. I am sure PCWorld will sort it out whatever happens, but backup now!
I can understand the "bad timing" of your laptop going awol, as my daughter has just completed her exams, but, it will get sorted, but have that copy just in case.

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