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  PC Advisor. 11:41 26 Feb 2003

Hi folks,

I'm writing a feature on 'Cable vs. ADSL' and I'm on the look out for case studies.

Ideally I'm after users who have had experience of both, but I'd also be interested to hear from anyone who has particularly strong views on the subject - perhaps cable users looking to switch to DSL in the face of recent capping/removal of up front charges or perhaps DSL users in need of cable's extra speed.

Maybe content is an issue? Or how about 12 month minimum contracts demanded by the cable brigade.

If you'd like to get involved, I'd love to hear from you.

Post a response here and I'll get in touch.

Guy (Online Ed)

  hugh-265156 15:39 26 Feb 2003

i got ntls 128k service last october and upgraded to the 600k service a few weeks later.having previously used aol on dial up.on aol i was constantly getting problems with connection so rang ntl and asked them to send me a disc for their dial up service.three weeks later this had not arrived.rang them and they said that there was no record of me calling and would send one.two weeks later still nothing.rang again and said had no record of me calling and would send out a disc.i then thought if thats the way they operate i would be better sticking with aol.i recieved a call five mins later from ntl apologising and said they would give me a month free for my trouble.however had i thought about broadband?they would install the 128k service for free if i wanted.i agreed and it was installed within the week.the engineer did it all for me took about half an hour and could not have been more helpful.i got a call the next day from ntl to check if i was happy with the service.after the bad service at the start i was expecting to have problems but can honestly say i have had none.b/band ntl is fantastic!as for the twelve month contract,when its this good why go elsewhere.and the download restriction,well i am a download junky i constantly try out new software etc update this and that and never come close to the limit.if it means the service is reliable thats fine by me.

  PC Advisor. 17:19 26 Feb 2003

Thanks huggyg71, I'll be in touch.

Any more, for any more?

  Sir Radfordin™ 17:38 26 Feb 2003

Decided to go with Telewest broadband for ease really. Didn't want the hassle of sorting out filters and modems and the like. Seemed cheaper and simpler at the time to get broadband install on a cable modem along with the cheap TV/phone deal they were doing.

Have had no problems at all, very quick service provided and am 100% happy with it.

Wouldn't choose ADSL but there is no researched reason for saying so.

  accord 17:43 26 Feb 2003

i upgraded to NTL 600k BB in Nov 02 and find it fantastic. I was previously on NTL dial up which was equally as good. My father has BT 512k BB and I find that slower and more hassle. With NTL or any other cable come to that, it is always on, with no need to log on etc, like you do with BT. When you switch your pc on the connection is already there for you.

I upgraded because i was bored of making a cup of tea when waiting for emails etc to download on dial up and im sure i speak for the vast majority of BB users, wont go back to dial up, although i have to use this when connecting to my employers server and it is painful.

BB also changes the way you use the internet, i doubt if would be on this forum if i had dial up.


  Kobayashimaru 17:44 26 Feb 2003

Got NTL Cable about 4 months ago, 600K service. Installed all the NTL Software and had nothing but problems, Upgrade my machine to Windows XP and it installed the cable modem with out the CD. It now connects as if it is on a LAN, get fast internet access (Above 601 at times) and no constant nagging from the connect software that my settings are out of date.

So to all of you with a NTL Modem uninstall all there software and just set up your internet to detect all local setings.


  microswift 19:06 26 Feb 2003

NTL is the only ISP I've ever used, I started about two years ago on the 64K -£5 a month- service, upgraded to the 600K service about a year ago and consequently increased my online time by about 1000%. Broadband is addictive. I've only had minor problems with NTL all of which were speedily resolved, it would take something siesmic for me to give up broadband or to change my ISP.

  The PC Doctor 19:57 26 Feb 2003

I used to use the NTL Free dial-up the only problem I found was the 2Hrs disconnection. I downloaded a small progam which re-dialled as soon as my connection dropped. Result 24Hrs free internet.....

I then upgraded to 128k. The first problem was getting the cable to where I wanted it, under all the floor board. Answer NTL gave me a roll of cable and I installed it myself. The engineer came along took 5Minutes to connect the cable and charged me £25. I was a bit p....d off about this at the time but soon came to love my broadband.

Two weeks ago I upgraded to 600k speed with NTL and WOW, why oh why did I ever stick with 128k.

Now I run an ftp service, an Email server, and all the downloads from my site come from my PC. I'm now considering running a Web Site from my PC through NTL Broadband. I run three PC's and a Lap Top on a local network and all can access the internet through my router - No Problems.

I've recently discovered this download limit but can honestly say I've not noticed or recieved any warnings about it.

Not having any experience of ADSL all I can say is throw your old Modems away and go Broadband.

ps. Anyone want to buy two old Modems !

  Spook Tooth 20:15 26 Feb 2003

What's the upload speed like on both 600k and 1mbit NTL services?

I'm using ADSL at present, and Cable upload speed is something which is of concern to me, since I wish to 'game' online. NTL is available at the new address I have lined up, and was considering taking it up, and leaving BT alone altogether... any thoughts?

  two00lbwaster 20:15 26 Feb 2003

ive got an ntl 600kbs line sitting idling at home not much use from it cept when i get back from work at the weekends and when i get some time away from the grindstone. i started off on 128kb cable connection from ntl and after a month upgraded to 512kbs then after several months and having no money i had to downgrade my service back to 128kbs.

unfortunatly this coincided with a couple of os reinstalls necessitating windows update sites being visited regularly for the security patches etc and also my getting into online gaming in the form of counterstrike, which was a pain because a run 2 machines accross the same connection and ud often interupted my games for minutes at a time when i was playing and is quite noticable on 128kbs connection.

i still have an aol account that i can use though from way back in summer 2001 and i have kept it for those times that im aweay from my cable connection as aol has a good roaming policy so i can get online during the week.

as for the 1gb a day cap i dont think i will apply for me as i simply dont use it enough to exceed the limits that they have imposed.

the one thing that i do really dislike about ntl cable is the slow upload. 128kbs is just simply not up to the standard that i would like from my service and i have no need for a 1mb connection just for a 256mb upload. i believe that the 600kb conection should have 256kbs upload at least if not 384kbs which would be much more 'innovative' (ntl's words), than the extra 88kbs download bandwidth that they introduced to 'out-do' the adsl competition.

apart from that ive had very little hassel from ntl lighting killed my first modem but they were very quick to replace it, next day indeed, and have been generaly very good although their service does suffer from frequent equipment malfunctions and server upgrades normally that over run their night time upgrade time allotment.

i would like to see a price cut on the ntl service of 600kbs if it is to stay as it is if not then i would happily keep paying £24.99 for a 600kbs/256kbs or even 384kbs service.

  two00lbwaster 20:18 26 Feb 2003

darn bound to miss something in that post.

i did go back to 600kbs service after the 30 days minimum that you have to serve on your new connection with ntl, i was suffering after a fortnight of being without my 600kbs connection

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