Broadband swindle

  polo 23:24 14 Apr 2006

I've been on Wanadoo broadband now for about 18 months and the service has been really good but it's a big swindle. I pay £17.99 per month and get only 512 kb speed. Wanadoo say I am on the fastest speed it's possible for me to get. I have enquired of BT and they say I should be able to get up to 2 mb. For months now Wanadoo have been offering 2mb for £14.99 but they go on taking £17.99 per month on my credit card for only 512kb. I would move but I have wireless broadband with a Wanadoo wireless router (which I paid £80 for) which they say will only work with Wanadoo. \can't decide what steps to take. I very much resent the way I'm being treated.

  Forum Editor 23:37 14 Apr 2006

but to say that Wanadoo's service is a "big swindle" is libel, and I must caution you not to repeat it. I'm quite sure they are not swindling you, but you're obviously having a problem.

There may be reasons beyond Wanadoo's control that are preventing you from receiving a faster broadband service, but the first thing to ask is how you know that your downstream speed is limited to 512Kb - have Wanadoo confirmed that?

How far are you from your local BT exchange?

You say that BT confirm you should be able to get a 2Mb connection - have they done a line test in order to confirm that, or is it just something they said over the phone?

  polo 23:51 14 Apr 2006

Wanadoo have said I'm on 512kb and I have checked with Bt on the internet to find that I could get up to 2mb. Anyway ,don't you think it's a swindle to be charged £17.99 when they are offering the same thing to new customers at £14.99!

  the old man 00:01 15 Apr 2006

phone them and discuss the situation with them. if they don't provide adequate answers then ask them for a mac code and tell them you are contemplating moving to another ISP. They may change their minds and miraculously offer you a better deal.

Worked for me recently with Pipex over their offers to new customers who took up the deal with so many telephone minutes per month included with the prices offered for 2mb BB.
You have nothing to lose really, except the cost of the call.
I kept 2mb BB, no telephone calls as didn't need them and now save £9.00 a month.

As FE says though, don't use the "S" word even though it does sound a bit iffy.
do some 'print screens' and paste them into a word doc and attach that to an email to back up your argument is another option.

  Forum Editor 00:55 15 Apr 2006

that it's not a 'swindle' if a company offers a service to new customers for less than the amount paid by existing customers. It may well be irritating, but it's perfectly legal.

As far as the BT information is concerned - they may well have given you the 2Mb news via the internet, but that's not the definitive answer - they're simply basing that information on your location - the only sure way to tell is to have a line test.

Why don't you do what the old man suggests - phone and ask for a MAC code, and see if they offer you a price reduction? If they don't, you can always take the code and migrate to BT - see if they live up to their prediction of 2Mb.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:45 15 Apr 2006

ok your speed is low but at least they havent upgrade you to the higher 8MB speed and created you the LLU problem like MANY Others.

Have you ran a line test to see what your upgrade speed could be ? go into the wandoo help sections and search for upgrade.

  anchor 09:38 15 Apr 2006

Not a swindle, but certainly very poor customer service; if they wont give you a better deal, vote with your feet!.

You could certainly find a better price with another ISP.

Blue Note: What is the LLU problem?.

  polo 11:56 15 Apr 2006

Thanks everyone.Maybe legal but certaianly unethical. A few years back the Building Societies were doing this sort of thing, bringing out new accounts with higher interest rate whilst continuing to pay existing savers the old rate and without telling them! The watdog or whoever stopped them doing it.
I'll try the mac thing, sounds a good idea. Can't find an email address anywhere on Wanadoo website. I think I'd have no hesitation in moving but I think I'm tied in to Wanadoo by having bought their wireless router unless I scrap it and get another which is a bit of a waste.

  Stuartli 12:27 15 Apr 2006

Are you quite sure it can't be used with another ISP?

Might just be a frightener...:-)

  Forum Editor 12:32 15 Apr 2006

if you can't use the router with another connection.

  Jackcoms 15:14 15 Apr 2006

click here to check what speeds your local exchange supports.

Enter your 'phone number or post code and click 'Check!' and then on the next page click 'BT ADSL'.

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