Broadband speed again

  ened 16:39 16 Apr 2006


I have run several tests this afternoon and the best download speed I can get is 737 Kbps (92.1 KB/sec).

The up stream speed remains constant at 246.

I am supposed to be on the 1mb service so are these speeds acceptable?

  rmcqua 16:54 16 Apr 2006

Yes, 737 Kbps on a holiday Sunday afternoon (probably quite high useage) is OK for a 1Mb service.

  Stuartli 17:45 16 Apr 2006

I've just done one test at adslguide and got 945kbps nett, 241kbps upload nett on a 1MB Tiscali service.

However, TalkTalk here I come shortly...

  ened 18:03 16 Apr 2006

I think I picked that up from you on another thread.

The same test that I am using and I am also with Tiscali. The line shows it is capable of over 2Mb.

I am unable to move to anyone else yet because I have only just signed up but I will monitor the speed and if it doesn't improve then I shall contact them to see what they say.

This was the purpose of this thread: if they contract to 1MB are you entitled to expect it 34/7?

  spud22 18:19 16 Apr 2006

probably you won't get any better from another provider as it depends where you are on the line. talk talk may provide a service like xstream or other "free" providers did on dial up or am i being cynical

  ened 18:38 16 Apr 2006

Tiscali themselves told me I could get 2MB and tests have confirmed this.

I can't understand why they should throttle it back to the extent that I don't even get what I am paying for.

  rmcqua 19:01 16 Apr 2006

The chances are that it is not being "throttled back", but just that you are experiencing the effect of shared bandwidth at a busy time.

  rmcqua 19:02 16 Apr 2006

..sorry about the f ened !

  dmc727 19:26 16 Apr 2006

“…………………… data delivery rates depend on technical factors such as distance from the exchange, line contention, quality of your household wiring, and whether you restarted your router properly…………….”

From an informative article in todays Sunday Times which discusses download speeds. Basically saying the claims of speeds of “up to” 8Mbps could mean no service whatsoever — and still survive the trade-description laws.

:click here

  Stuartli 19:38 16 Apr 2006

Perhaps you may realise now why I'm leaving Tiscali...:-)

  S5W 19:45 16 Apr 2006

I have just signed up with BT for their 8Mbps service for connection on 24/4/06. My line can only carry 6.5 Mbps but it is still called 8Mb service. Anyway I'll see what difference there is compared to my present 2Mb service.

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