Broadband response from BT Wholesale

  Brazils 13:14 31 Oct 2003

I contact BT when I found that I was unable to receive BB, but all my neighbours were, even people whose line goes to the same telegraph pole!

Here is their answer:

I have had a line test carried out on your telephone number xxxx xxxxxx. Unfortunately your line loss is several decibels over the 60dB limit. This is why your Broadband order is being rejected.

I'm afraid that BT will not be able to investigate for each individual line why their line loss is outside the required 60dB limit, nor are we able to re-route lines in order to provide customers with ADSL broadband.

I understand this situation is disappointing and I can assure you that BT will continue to look for ways to offer broadband through other technologies, such as satellite, and we will closely follow any developments which may provide a solution in the future.

Comments anyone?

  MichelleC 13:28 31 Oct 2003

Well, they're willing to invest in satellites (a few million) but not ready to get one of their engineers to change old line to copper cable. Tsk, tsk.

BTW was BT the potential isp?

  Brazils 13:33 31 Oct 2003


When I originally contacted BT Broadband they were unable to answer my question and told me to contact BT wholesale via their website.

I also have a low modem connection speed compared to my neighbour.

  Brazils 13:56 31 Oct 2003

Satellite BB is of no use to me, as it still requires a modem connection for upload, and only downloads to me at BB speeds. It also costs a lot to install. I wish to develop a Web Site (only for fun), and my family require a fast connection for online gaming (satellite is no good for gaming).

  Wilham 14:52 31 Oct 2003

If the line loss is measured at the exchange (or earlier) and not at the telegraph pole, -could it be that you have exceded the REN recommendation? Just a guess, have you several extensions and/or other loadings on your system?

  Sir Radfordin 15:47 31 Oct 2003

If you aren't in a cable area then there isn't a lot you can do but move house.

You would always get one of your neighbours to set up a wireless network - though that is likely to break the T&C of thier connection.

You can keep pestering BT but there is unlikely to be any response from them.

Join the rest of the 20% of the population who also can't get broadband and aren't likely to for a long time.

  Allan-263226 16:12 31 Oct 2003

If your line is over a 60db limit, then this will indicate noise on the line.

Is your phone line crackly or distorted in any way?
If so it could be something as the copper cables out in the exchange. With the switching technology they have, they can run a line test and see what voltage is coming back.

  Djohn 16:18 31 Oct 2003

If your close neighbours, even those connected via the same pole, [That's the important bit] can receive Broadband and you can't. Then this is most likely due to the final line from the pole to your house. [I can't think of any other reason].

Complain as often as you can that the voice quality of your line is poor, don't at any time mention ADSL. Pester them until they replace that last few metres of line, then apply for broadband, should pass the test this time. j.

  Brazils 17:12 31 Oct 2003

I was thinking along the same lines.

One thought,there is a join in the cable on the outside of my house. An engineer put a box there to join the line when there was a fault in the insulation. I bet this has someting to do with it?

I'll pester BT about my poor phone voice quality :-)

  Brazils 17:13 31 Oct 2003

I don't exceed the REN limit in my home. Two phones and one Modem.

  Brazils 17:16 31 Oct 2003

No cable option

No chance of a Network

I thought the government wanted BB for all. do they know of BT's "no investigation or replacement" policy I wonder?

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