Broadband rates not up to it

  rawprawn 07:59 28 Jul 2009

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Scroll down for the comparative statistcs

  ened 08:56 28 Jul 2009

It depends what you want I suppose.

There are many people who only use it for email and basic stuff who probably don't even realise they are getting slow speed. I believe that is how the likes of Tiscali got away with it for so long.

I'm with AOL and my speed averages 5/6meg all day.
That is absolutely fine for my purposes but it does get a bit annoying that every day at teatime it slows to a crawl.

Ironically the guy on the television hit the nail on the head when he was reporting it.

The theme of the piece was that people are not getting speeds 'they pay for'. As an illustration he used the phrase 'up to'! Thus you are not actually paying for 8 meg, yet he was implying that if you don't get that speed you are being ripped off!

  interzone55 09:08 28 Jul 2009

The problem is physics - the longer the wire, the greater the attenuation so the lower the frequency range, which equals lower bandwidth.

There's two ways we can get away from this problem. The cheap way is for the ISPs to start advertising achieved averages for their customers.

The dear way is to run fibre to the street cabinets and then have the ISP equipment closer to the houses.

The woman on BBC Breakfast this morning was simply confused - she said business needs always on 24/7 communication. Achieved ADSL speeds has nothing to do with this. If she wants reliable net connection with very limited downtime she she get a business account rather than using domestic ADSL...

  rawprawn 09:18 28 Jul 2009

Yes alan14 I agree, I'm with BT Max 8MB and I regularly get 7.5 MB and average about 6.8MB, however I only live about 150m from the village exchange.

  lofty29 09:38 28 Jul 2009

All businesses, and governments come to that, slant the truth to suit the situation, how many "sales" are really sales, you see 70% off regularly, but in small letters "up too" somewhere, you have to take all that you are told with a large pinch of salt, and always act on the proviso of " buyer beware". Sad but a fact of life.

  sunnystaines 11:09 28 Jul 2009

my bulldog bb has now gone back up to what it used to be when it was original bulldog, slowed right down during the various take overs but recently got back up to speed.

so quiet pleased at present not sure who runs it now [pipex,tiscali,carphone all in the mix]

  dagnammit 11:48 28 Jul 2009

I consistently get between 15meg and 19 meg out of my 20meg connection with Virgin. On the BT line we got woeful speeds, using BT & then Tiscali... I could probably have visited PCA towers and back home again before it loaded.

  Kaacee 13:09 28 Jul 2009

I get a maximum of 0.5Mbps because according to BT and AOL (my provider)I am a long long way from the exchange, so count yourselves lucky guys.What annoys me is the fact they still charge the same as if I was getting 2Mbps.

  Stuartli 13:30 28 Jul 2009

We are still mainly using old technology to provide a modern communications service - it's a wonder that we can reach such speeds at all in many cases.

Seems to me that this is a case of trouble making where it's not strictly necessary - most on this website will be well aware that the further away from the exchange you are the slower the BB speed, whilst the contention ratio has also to be taken into account.

My first modem's speed was 9.6kbps, next 14.4 followed by 28.8, 33.6 and, finally when the great day arrived, 56kbps...:-)

These days it averages 6.5Mb to 7.3Mb with TalkTalk (Up to 8Mb LLU) and it suits me just fine for current needs.

  Stuartli 13:33 28 Jul 2009

I'm 580 yards as the crow flies from the exchange - the phone lines are probably at least double that distance based on the roads layout.

  Stuartli 13:37 28 Jul 2009

Roll on 21CN will be the call from those who will benefit the most.

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