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  Ade_1 12:33 25 Mar 2006

Hi, i am writing on behalf of a relative who is looking into buying broadband. I personally have had decent service with BT but i was wondering if anyone knows anyone who may be better than BT. They dont want to spend too much a month as they wont be heavy users, just occasionally but they want the accessability to it. I suggested BT (their lowest plan) as it is a decent price and i have had good experiances with BT.

They are unable to get Cable where they live so it would have to cdome through a BT Line.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:40 25 Mar 2006

Most BB tends to be about the same price but I would ask your relative's neighbours what they think of their service as it seems to vary from area to area. For example I have used Tiscali since day one and they ahve always been superb, billing has been spot on, up and down speeds astonishing and customer service excellent. Speak to others on this forum and they regard Tiscali as the devil incarnate. personally I would try BT as most BB goes through BT apart from cable.


  acfc 13:04 25 Mar 2006

Sorry Gandalf but I am one who considers Tiscali the devil incarnate. Obviously your BB has just worked and you haven't talked to their 'helpdesk'!

I have posted a few times recently on this subject and have stopped recommending a specific provider as everyones needs are different, however I would advise signing up with a company who only require a short contract (1 or 3 months) as then you can at least change if they don't live up to expectations.

  Stuartli 13:04 25 Mar 2006

Tiscali's 1MB unlimited BB at £14.99, which includes modem etc is value for money.

I've had my run-ins with Tiscali but, as GANDALF <|:-)> points out, it does come up with the goods for the vast majority of its subscribers.

The ISPs to avoid, in my opinion, are Virtual ISPs such as Tesco, which charges way over the top for slow speeds and, often, with a low usage cap.

  ade.h 14:39 25 Mar 2006

Tiscali dial-up was hellish enough thankyou, without having to pay for the dubious priveledge. Its "Customer service" staff were consistently not worthy of that title. I can only hope that it has improved beyond measure.

  Stuartli 15:25 25 Mar 2006

I used WorldOnline (later Tiscali's) dialup service for seven years up to last April, when I switched to BB.

I never had any problems with the dialup service.....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:40 25 Mar 2006

You could try Virgin as I believe that they are having an offer that they only need give 30 days notice to leg it if they find it naff. click here


  Jackcoms 15:47 25 Mar 2006
  pj123 16:13 25 Mar 2006

Have a look through some of these:

click here

Particularly the "no limit" ISPs.

I have a friend on AOL Silver £14.99, 1mb, Unlimited. No problems.

There is also Metronet PAYG but you have to buy your own modem and there is an activation fee of £70. But no 12 month contract. click here

  richardcockbain 16:39 25 Mar 2006

Have to say that I agree with the criticism of Tiscali.

Last year I tried to leave them. Many ISP firms are signed up to an industry code of practice to help customers move to a new supplier. But unlike other providers Tiscali did not offer a migration service; which means you need to be switched off from BB by BT and then you new ISP supplier has to ask BT to reconnect you - extra cost, delay and 1 month without internet! Very frustrating.

Whoever you use it is likely you wont be with them for ever so check how easy (or not) they make it for you to transfer to another provider.

I am now with Pipex who are fantastic and if I want to leave they will help smooth the process.

  ade.h 16:46 25 Mar 2006

And don't sign up to a 12 month cotract if it can be avoided; F2S, Virgin and a number of others let you go without a contract.

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