Broadband package

  mousee 10:07 17 Oct 2010

I have Plusnet as my ISP and BT supplying the phone, due to my economic situation I'm looking at a package, my broadband speed is only 1.6 meg, thats down the geography of where I live, so I'm won't be gaining, but after doing my sums I could save myself up to £150 a year. I know that Plusnet is owned by BT so would it be worth taking the BT package or another supplier completely?

  spuds 12:37 17 Oct 2010

Why don't you try a search as to recommendations. IsPReview and Broadband Choice might be a starting point.

Regarding your 'only' 1.6mb broadband speed, you could try SpeedTest click here for a more reliable check over a number of times. I have a 'upto 10mb' package which as never gone above more than 2.4mb maximum and 0.6mb minimum. All this would be down to your ISP and their contention ratio which could be a possible 30:1 or 50:1, plus your own wiring and other fixtures from exchange to computer.

  birdface 14:04 17 Oct 2010

If you are in a cable area you could always use Virgin for Phone and broadband.
If not check out O2 as they also do phone and Broadband now.

  rickf 14:19 17 Oct 2010

I have PLusnet EXtra up to 60g usage and get a consistent 6.4/5 mb download and 360 upload. Am very pleased.

  961 14:30 17 Oct 2010

I've looked at these packages regularly but have never found a package to be worth while

Currently I have Madasafish broadband @ £7.50 per month, 5gb download limit, getting 4.5 mb speed

(This is part of plusnet, belongs to BT but run separately)

Sky talk @ £5 per month, unlimited calls 24/7

BT Line rental

I could save under £1 per month by taking line rental from Sky but their response time is much slower than BT if the line goes down

So I guess I'm paying about £25 per month for free phone calls (inc. international to Spain, USA etc) line rental and good speed broadband

On the basis that we won't ever get llu here or cable things could be a lot worse

  GaT7 14:46 17 Oct 2010

If you opt for another supplier, remember there's also free cashback to be had, so you can reduce your annual bill even further.

Couple of cashback sites I use are Quidco click here & TopCashback (TCB) click here.

As an example, if you were to take up a BT BB package via Quidco or TCB, they would be offering £50 cashback click here or click here. So that's an average of £4 off your bill every month. There are several other BB providers (incl O2, Virgin, Sky, etc) at Quidco & TCB, so make sure to go via them to get cashback that's free for you to claim.

To get started, one needs to register with them (Quidco &/or TCB), & whilst logged-in, click through to the broadband supplier (or online shop as applicable) via their links & place your order soon after. Internet browser cookies automatically track these transactions & it displays in your cashback site account as tracked, with the actual amount of cashback you've earned a few hours to a few days later.

These sites are NOT a scam or gimmick & several thousand use them these days. Once earned, your cashback is paid directly & in full* (see below) into your specified bank account a few months months later. Sometimes a transaction is not automatically tracked so one needs to submit a manual claim - I've found even these are paid in full, but only several months later. For each order/transaction, make sure to claim via ONE site only. Otherwise you would be in breach of their terms & quite possibly lose your cashback & membership at both sites. *Note that Quidco may have a one off £5 yearly fee, but only if you earn more than £5 in that year, so it still isn't too bad.

More info about these sites & how to maximise your earnings can be found at MSE: click here & click here. If you have any queries, you can post in their forums: click here & click here.

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