Broadband Outage and B.T./Freeserve conflict

  buckland 10:56 13 Mar 2004

I have become exasperated by Freeserve's prevarication in giving me a constructive reply to my e-mails. As I am profoundly deaf I am reluctant to use a telephone. I believe that Freeserve has been taken over by Wanadoo and I would be grateful if you could provide me with the name and address of the Chief Executive (and even the Ombudsman) so that I can forward all printed copies of relevant e-mails to them. I seem to be caught in a war between B.T. and Freeserve's respective Broadband services. I have Freeserve Broadband and B.T. has the 'phone line and Exchange. It seems they are bickering which results in my receiving no constructive reply to my questions relating to a Broadband Outage of 12 hours duration whereby it is known that B.T. engineers worked to rectify the breakdown. I incurred considerable expense in telephone charges being talked through any possible faults in my PC by Freeserve Help Line when I found that I could make no contact with the Internet. It transpired that my PC had no faults. Following incurring this telephone charge expense Freeserve informed me that there was an "Outage" and to wait a couple of hours. However I immediately requested verification from B.T. who confirmed there was no Outage at all and checked my line stating that there were no faults at all anywhere and that, as I was not a subscriber to B.T.Broadband but with another provider, they refused to give me any other information. I 'phoned Freeserve Help Line again and informed them of the B.T. reply and then paid for another long talk through. Being deaf these "Talk Throughs" take a difficult, repetitive and excessive amount of time for me as you will understand. After e-mailing B.T. about their wrong information they replied that I had ISDN or Home Highway service on my number and that Broadband DOES NOT WORK on it which caused the fault (even though I have been on Broadband for some months). However by going to B.T.'s Website "Availability Checker" I put in my Post Code and the reply stated that I AM ON ADSL as is my Exchange and that if I wished I could have up to 2 Mgb. I have a digital photo of the message which otherwise I could not seem to save so there is no argument that I have two conflicting statements from B.T. I want both B.T. and Freeserve to sort this out and to refund all or at least part of the telephone charges I have wrongly and unfairly incurred due to a lack of cooperation between them to their mutual customer's cost, stress, aggravation and disadvantage. Neither has provided a constructive reply although I pay monthly and Quarterly rentals to both. This "Outage" problem occurred on Monday, 1st March, 2004, and still no proper explanation. What do you do if you have no contact with the Internet and your Provider says there is a fault with B.T. and then B.T says there is no fault. Do you sit and pray before getting your PC checked. If there is a fault then they should both agree and say so instead of holding their mutual customer to ransom! I feel it is time for action and request your advice as to an approach to Freeserve's Chief Executive and/or the Ombudsman as I have copies of all e-mail correspondence.As an over 75 years old OAP my PC is great and a boon to me but I have no technical knowledge. If it breaks down then I think it only fair that the service suppliers (both B.T. and Freeserve in my case) should BOTH AND TOGETHER be prepared to confirm any fault before real expense is incurred by their client in having an unnecessary Help Line check on one's PC. It might not be a bad idea also for any ISP to check first for a possible Broadband outage BEFORE trying to identify customer's possibly non-existent PC faults. After all if your electric kettle stops working one usually checks the fuse first before taking the kettl to bits. Would much appreciate any advice for now and the future. Regards. Peter Maddock (Buckingham).

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