Broadband offer in PC Advisor

  tuff guy 20:21 07 Jan 2003
  tuff guy 20:21 07 Jan 2003

On reading the latest PC Advisor I saw an advert ( page 62& 63) for BT Broaband. It was offering free connection and £30 off the modem. When I phoned to take up this offer nobody new what I was talking about. I was told tonight that it might happen in the middle of this month but wasn't definite. Someone has made a mistake here & I bet I don't get the special offer.

  Sir Radfordin™ 21:35 07 Jan 2003

Some would say tuff!

Problem is with the mag having printing deadlines ages ago and advertisers wanting to get something in but having to guess what be on offer in a few weeks (months?) time.

Its no doubt going to be the same as a wrong price being advertised, this is just an invitation to treat and so BT can't be forced to offer it. Might pull 'em up on the fact that they have misleading advertising though.

  Peter E 23:17 07 Jan 2003

...until 12th January. click here

Maybe the offer in the March edition of PCA is their next offer (it's January now so they have to think ahead when the magazines come out so early)and the present offer is about to run out. Perhaps you will still get the offer if you wait a little. Hope so.


  BJ 15:12 08 Jan 2003

There are alot of free offers for connection or reduced conections at the momment visit click here take a look


  BJ 15:12 08 Jan 2003

There are alot of free offers for connection or reduced conections at the momment visit click here take a look


  tuff guy 17:06 08 Jan 2003

I understand what Peter E & Sir Radfordin have posted. Just to tell you further details. I have had 3 e-mails from BT sending me to Broadband who don't know a thing about this offer. They asked me to e-mail them the ad, don't they believe me !!!!. I now await for news about what they are going to do. Will keep you posted.
Sir Radfordin's comment about it being Tuff was very good.

  tippucat 20:19 08 Jan 2003

Did you read the article in PCA re Demon offering similar deal? I have signed up though no body has mentioned cheaper package although I did read a different article elsewhere. Stupidly I forgot to save article but anticipated that Demon would notify me when I signed up of their new price rates. Possibly, when I receive further notice this will include new rates. Point: there are cheaper packages to be had. Shop around

  tuff guy 02:31 10 Jan 2003

Just before I was going to send in my complaint to Advertising Standards I thought one last call would see what BT were going to do. They have offered me the deal as advertised. After going through all the deatails I was very pleased. Five minutes later I got a call saying they were'nt going to honour the ad. When I told him I had already been given the deal there was an embarrassed BT manager. I felt sorry for him really , communication between themselves does'nt seem their strong point.Tuff Luck!! as Sir Radfordin would say. Hopefully this is the end though Iwonder how many other people saw it I will try to get connected.
thanks for all the postings.

  Peter E 13:01 10 Jan 2003

Pleased to hear you got the deal. I would have a go myself but cannot get broadband in the near future in my area. What is the matter with management in this country today that they cannot plan or liaise and communicate with each other effectively? Still, you got the deal as advertised - super!


  mr.pendlebury 20:03 13 Jan 2003

BTOpenworld are now offering free connection and asdl modem for 50quid for orders placed between 13/01/03 and 31/03/03, with activation before 30/04/03. Sounds like a good deal to me.

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