Broadband Modem question

  Rtus 23:37 04 Nov 2004

Hi Folks ..
How many of you managed to Get the Thompson soft-touch 330 to work first time ? or did you get problems with software /modem replacements.

  harps1h 23:49 04 Nov 2004

do you mean the alcatel 330? load on your drivers reboot and connect your modem via the usb port. windows should pick it up and install it. you may see an icon on your sys tray which will turn to 3 squares green and one a mauve colour. you are ready to connect

  Djohn 03:18 05 Nov 2004

If you mean the same as harps1h says, then yes, I have the 330. Excellent modem, worked first time but it is important to install the drivers first before making the hard connection with the USB cable.

  JayDay 08:23 05 Nov 2004

No problems with it at all.

  throwitoutthewindow 21:26 05 Nov 2004

worked OK to me. What is the problem?

  Rtus 21:56 05 Nov 2004

People I know Installed (or should that be attempted to) this modem ,following the instructions exactly,( mind Im not too sure if Ive quoted the correct model number)however it obliterated thier systems.desktop P2400 & laptop-1.8gh unit So called help line,Help line tells them to get Bt out & check line £115 later Bt declares nowt wrong.Contact modem help line & advises them that .They then advise they have had several problems with the bundled software disc. So these people wait for another to arrive. This time the installations carried out by myself, (thinking it was A Via chipset issue I went along with additional usb card - not the case here though)Still zilch no connection So i get customer to ring help line & ask if the account is in fact active.So after running various tests we are told to ring another number for replacement modem.This time its some chap in belgium,he asked if we had tried another modem ( we hadnt one) His reply was rude & offensive to the customer & no way would he send replacement out untill we got the line checked.we could not convince him the providers helpline had sanctioned this. Back & forth we go between these two numbers until four hours later we get told a modem would be sent out.So we wait now to see what happens.& yes Ive installed a few around my area although I cant personally use BB as its not available out here..

  Rtus 22:06 05 Nov 2004

yes mate the destructions are fairly well explained in thier little booklet that comes along with the modem. I have a feeling its a break in the wiring from the modem to the ASDL line. Actually We ran along to PCW..for a 56v modem to get em on line with the desktop, as the laptop was going abroad with the other partner, so critical to get communications up on desktop. We get home & find that unit lacked inner wiring on phone jack! So we resorted to an old 56k external unit.Worked first time.So at least they can keep in contact.. Thanks for input..

  simonp1 06:06 06 Nov 2004

Here is a link for customer support for what maybe your modem

click here

Like others mine worked first time, but i know you have to follow the procudures in order, hope the link helps

  Rtus 10:25 06 Nov 2004

thanks for the link.most of the documentation is similar to that provided by the providers help pages. I had thought of the Via chipset problems with Usb devices as indicated earlier above. hence the additional usb card & we had 4 line filters to try.Here in our locality I had heard from a BB istallation engineer that hed had nothing but trouble with defective modems of that model.(depending if my memory recalls the model num correctly).thanks again

  Rtus 17:17 08 Nov 2004

Thanks for the input folks..Ill close to save space..will add when we have an outcome after new modem arrives!

  Rtus 17:18 08 Nov 2004

thanks for input folks .Ill advise any further developments when New modem arrives...

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