Broadband at last. What isp then?

  bellyshere 16:01 20 Aug 2004

Bt has just announced that it is to drop the line length limit for broadband. Horray at last. What is the best isp to go for then. A few of them have monthly limit usage. Should i avoid them? Once again horray....

  pj123 17:25 20 Aug 2004

Up to you. How long do you expect to be on the internet? I have NTL unlimited BB and I am on the internet 24/7. Cost is £25 per month. It all depends on what your internet activity is. Check out here and take your pick click here

  Stuartli 17:54 20 Aug 2004

My son has been on Pipex broadband for a couple of years (previously with Tiscali dialup) and I've been using Pipex dialup since 1996 (also use Tiscali dialup).

Both of us have nothing but praise for an ISP that's been providing first class business and domestic internet services since 1991.

In fact it lead most ISPs in technological advances in the 1990s such as increased bandwidth, higher capacity cross-Atlantic links etc.

  smokingbeagle 17:55 20 Aug 2004
  Rigga 18:58 20 Aug 2004

I use Plus Net. click here and have had no problems in over two years with them.

They have a good system where u pay, £14.99 for the basic 512kbps ASDL service with 1GB included.

Which sounds bad..... but wait..

You can then pay 1.90 for each extra gb you use.

Which also sounds bad.. but wait still...

....upto a maximum of £24.99.

So the most you ever pay is £24.99. But if you use less than that then you pay less money.

In a quiet month, you could end up paying only £14.99. Sort of a pay as you go ASDL.


Pipex everytime.

  flubberjack 23:01 20 Aug 2004

I use PlusNet and they offer a range of ADSL packages and their customer support service is second to none. For example, they use a ticket service for support aswell as the usual telephone support line and this is greta because you can see internal comments about your account and all past issues about your account so you do not need to explain everything multiple times to different CS reps, you can just tell them to look at Ticket number 858587575 or something like that. They also record all contact made with you, so they note phone calls, etc. Very well done - and the staff on the phone line are always friendly when I call.

As for the ADSL performance, I consistently receive high speeds from their service and they are very open and honest. They show you (using a graph on their website) the live stats for how much bandwidth they have left in their network and how much bandwidth they are using at the moment. This is good because you can see that they always plan their capacity well ahead of them needing it so that their is never any congestion on their part of the network - also very good. I have only ever had one small problem not being able to connect one night, but this turned out to be a problem at PlusNet's suite Telehouse that was resolved quickly.

I am on Broadband Home Premier 500 at £21.99 a month but you can select a package like the one Rigga uses above which has a set download cap (he is on the 1GB, £14.99 a month service) and these have a ceiling charge of £24.99 a month so if you go over the cap you do not get charged an extortionate amount. You can change your download cap for free once every thirty days and you can select from 1-6GB a month or unlimited (within reason of course) which is £21.99 a month. See click here

Excellent service, well recommended. Also worth a look are Zen Internet, Vispa and Freedom2Surf who also offer good customer support, reliablity and service I am led to believe.

  simonp1 07:51 21 Aug 2004

The below link compares all the Major ISP, look on the top right of the link under compare.

click here

I have used Zen for a good while and totally recommend them. Never had issues with them, when i have contacted them, their support is first class and so are their speeds..check them on the Adsl guide above..

Here is their link

click here

  steve-uk 21:30 21 Aug 2004

I use plus net, very good speeds and great customer service which is hard to find these days.

Only had one outage and within 10 minutes there was a recorded voice message on the support line and updates on the website and within 30 minutes it was fixed...

Its not only the quick solving that helps, its also nice to know whats going on and if they know the problem exists along with an explanation when they find out what happened.

  IanR_ 14:10 24 Aug 2004

I use Pipex,no problems

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