Broadband issues with BT

  2old4this 12:54 08 Mar 2009

I use a Sony VGC-M1 512mb Ram., with a BT Voyager 205 ADSL Router connected via Ethernet. I have had a Master box fitted in the hall near to where the BT phone line enters the bungalow. My Router is connected to the first in line telephone socket.
I am suffering from very slow response on the Internet. I recently downloaded Zone Alarm 59mb
and it took 1hr 16 minutes to download/save. The transfer rate was 14.4 kb/sec. I then did a Broadband Speedtest via BT speedtester. Download was 108 kbps - Upload was 69 kbps and Connection speed was .11Mb. How can I establish if my Router or Computer is at fault before I blast BT Broadband off the face of the earth ? Would Virgin be a better option.?

  100andthirty 13:47 08 Mar 2009

[email protected] blast anyone; if you phone the BT 0800 help line, they'll guide you through all the checks. Be very patient, and be prepared to repeat thing thye haven't understood and vice versa. My system is also connected to the master socket and they have sorted out slow speed issues a couple of times recently.

if you want to check some things first:

log onto the router's home page and check what it says about speeds.

If you use a filter in line with the connection of the router to the master socket, it's worth uncrewing the front plate of the master socket and plugging the filter into the socket that's behind the master socket - then see is speed increases. Also try a different filter; they can fail.

However the BT people will guide you though all this.

  2old4this 14:09 08 Mar 2009

Hi 100thirty. Thanks for your response. I have contacted BT many times, and carried out their instructions - all to no avail. I am interested in how to open my router's home page - something that I haven't done, as I don't know how.

  Diemmess 15:54 08 Mar 2009

By coincidence I moved early last month to from a long standing membership with an ISP which like you seemed unable to fulfill their promises.

Both seemed to trust (www,speedtester,bt,com) as an accurate measure of all important points about your connection.

Try running it with full stops instead of commas.
Apparently this will keep a stored log of what happened during each test.

Do this to accumulate a series of tests to refer to BT and then phone them. You have to leave at least 3 hours between tests.

I couldn't get the thing to run on the old ISP at all but btinternet produced the fastest figures I've ever had, but then I'm a new boy.

  RobCharles1981 16:02 08 Mar 2009


Hi And Welcome

It looks like you have joined the BT Throttling Club your router or computer are not at fault and basically it will be waste of time talking to India to resolve this problem.

In order to get your FULL line stats from your router follow these instructions:

Click on Start, then Run. Enter the following in the Run box:


then press OK. A black box will appear. It should ask you for the username, which is admin and press enter.

Enter your password when prompted and press enter.

You are now logged in. Type the following in to the box:

get dsl params and press enter.

The line stats will determine what actual speed you can get from your line.

Have you checked your Line out by any chance? Have a look at this guide for assistance.

click here

Post back if you require any further help.

  2old4this 09:01 09 Mar 2009

Hi RobTheOrganGuru
Thanks for your reply. The Full Line Stats got as far as "password". What password is required, as I have tried a couple but to no avail.
The ADSL site was good, and my wiring is as shown by them. Thanks.

  RobCharles1981 11:01 09 Mar 2009

It could be the password you use to logon to your BT Broadband Service?

  Demora 15:53 09 Mar 2009

or it could just be 'password' Some routers have that as a default. We changed ours as it was just too easy for those in the 'know'


  2old4this 20:48 09 Mar 2009

Hi RobTheOrganGuru from 2old4this
The line stats revealed the following, which I dont know how to analyze
ASO(kbps) 224 DownIntrivd
ASI (kbps) Nil.
LSO(kbps) 448 UpIntrivd
LSI(kbps) Nil
R Value UpIntrivd 4 Upfast 0 DownIntrivd 2
DownFast 0
Up SValue 4 Down SValue 2
UpDValue 8 Down DValue 16.

Help !!!!!!!!!

  RobCharles1981 12:35 10 Mar 2009

Broadband issues with BT

Ile look into this for you.

  RobCharles1981 22:32 10 Mar 2009

It appears you have done something wrong follow this alternative route to get your stats:

BT Voyager 205

Telnet to the router IP address

or click -->
Default Logon: "admin" Password: "admin".

at the $ prompt type: get dsl params

You are looking for:-
Local Line Atten(dB) & Local SNR Margin(dB)

Alternatively line stats can be found from the web interface
click here

under Troubleshooting >
Advanced Diagnostics >
DSL Param

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