broadband on incoming calls only a possibility?

  theDarkness 17:08 11 Jan 2009

I have heard that broadband is possible on a bt home phone line that only accepts incoming calls, provided I go with an internet provider other than o2? bt/o2 supposedly advise against it, as according to some forums, with incoming calls only, it is not available from them according to their standard home line contract.
I guess it means less potential money, but if I am on incoming only anyway, it is slightly ridiculous, as I am certainly not going to switch back to a full line just to have their broadband.

If any non-o2 broadband does indeed work via any other internet provider, on such an incoming calls only BT home phone line, does anyone have any advice on who they would recommend going for? I am trying to find out if there such a thing as a cheap (around £10) 6 month home broadband deal if so, thats actually reliable? From browsing around, it does seem that even if a user does not need a very fast service, most companies are still trying to get potential users to sign up to at least a 12 month deal. If 6 month isnt realistic then any cheap 12 month deals they can recommend would also be good.

thanks for any help on any of the above if possible!

  Kevscar1 20:29 11 Jan 2009

Sky 8Mb £5 per month 12 month

  theDarkness 00:34 12 Jan 2009

I checked the website out, its a temporary offer as it goes back up from £5 to 10 in a couple of months time. I think its only at this price as part of a sky package, so cant be purchased separately for an incoming calls only bt landline, but thanks anyway

  Chegs ®™ 06:37 12 Jan 2009

Nobody will allow you to have BB on an incoming calls only system,although all you actually need for BB to work is an electrical connection to the exchange.

  theDarkness 14:23 12 Jan 2009

was browsing a few student and phone related websites earlier-ill put the links up when i find them. supposedly if broadband was activated before changing to incoming calls, then it should work ok. Bt will stop broadband access on an incoming calls only line, only if you switch to o2 broadband, perhaps they are more likely to 'review' your line in this way and decide you arent entitled to it, but according to some it works absolutely fine as long as you go with another provider. Broadband after all doesnt phone out in the same way as a 56k dial up modem. i really dont see as to why they should not allow access.. o2s internet and phone services are seperate, and on incoming calls only im still paying the same for rental as i would on a normal line. Less potential money for then perhaps, if certain people just cant stop using their home phone, but i can control myself so they wouldnt be getting any more money from me. Unless they wised up and let me use their internet bband service on the same line. Lol. Of course i can just switch back to a normal line, and only use it for the net, but some sites were claiming non o2 broadband works absolutely fine on a bt incoming calls only line

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