broadband in HULL

  hijo 15:45 12 Oct 2006

hi everyone well i guess u gathered it i come from HULL..mmm ok this isnt a boring post as its quite serious realy i think cause if you live out of HULL you ok to change your ISP or telephone company whenever you want to HOWEVER if your in hull or surrounding areas youve had it cause our nice freinds at the dreaded "kingston communications" own EVERYTHING up here so theres not a chance in the near future of us getting SKY b/band or any other phone company which is bad bad bad as "KC" charge what they like..grrr there b/band charges are like this 1meg= £25 pm..& i belive thats expensive going by other companies & "KC" phone charges are expensive too...!!! does anyone else come from around my "way"...?? who understands me..?

  sean-278262 15:59 12 Oct 2006

I know about the Hull problem and really you should be making a group together of unhappy hull residents and protesting to the council. Technically it breaks the law in my opinion as it is a just the one company having control and it isnt you who should be limited to the decisions of others. You didnt sign up to only have one provider. If the public voice is large enough then KC will end up being pushed in the correct direction.

  Graham. 16:40 12 Oct 2006

Some reading
click here

  redsparrow 17:10 12 Oct 2006

I live in Hull at the weekends and out of town during the week. I dont have a problem with KC. Cheap telephone calls, a decent customer service compared to other telco's i have dealt with and a good broadband service. As for £25 for 1 meg, you should check this out click here As for another telco moving into Hull to provide competition, i personally dont think any of the major players can provide the level of service or compete with the price to match KC, and probably won't even attempt too. If you have large phone bills maybe you should consider getting a VOIP service, which is great if you make lots of international calls like i do.

  Forum Editor 18:06 12 Oct 2006

and I'm moving the thread now.

  [email protected] 19:56 12 Oct 2006

£40/month for 3Mb connection...I'm glad I don't live in Hull lol.

  hijo 20:56 12 Oct 2006

MANY MANY thankx "[email protected]" someone agreed with me there prices are pathetic..!!!....whilst i respect "redsparrow's" post i live in hull & find that the prices (KC) are "not with it" there is a massive market in the uk now & "KC" are way way behind on this issue,there sooooo many complaints to this company & it makes headline news in the local paper nearly every month due to system or price issues....

  hijo 20:57 12 Oct 2006

KC have only just in the last few months offered local & national landline calls FREE where as other companies have done this years ago...!! theres a fine example..

  Hullnet 15:45 12 Jul 2008

Hi, please visit my nonprofit website that is not affiliated with any company.

See if we can get another broadband provider in Hull.

  Hullnet 15:45 12 Jul 2008

Sorry forgot to include it click here

  Arnie 10:34 13 Jul 2008

I left Hull 42 years ago, but still remember the excellent telephone service of that era.
I believe that later, Hull City Council was the only council that was able to avoid the wholesale privatisation of the phone industry. The system was said to be very efficient and they were unique in sporting off-white coloured telephone boxes.

A few years ago the Council sold off the system. Whether that was a good thing I don't know. I doubt whether the council would have been able to raise the finances to have provided a better broadband system that exists at the moment.

My younger brother still lives in Hull and he seems generally happy with the HKC setup.

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