Broadband Dongle PAYG????

  PERN 09:13 11 Oct 2011

Looking for best buy for dongle with USB, to use with laptop when staying in cottages in the depth of the country.Do not want any contracts as its just for hols.Checking the web and its a minefield.Please guide me to what GB etc to look for.

  v1asco 09:59 11 Oct 2011

You don't say what you are going to do.

I have a 3gb contract with 3 for £8 a month. Reception is alright but 3 gb won't go far if you use iplayer etc. Perfectly adequate for browsing, emails and so on. If it is just for emails and browsing have you checked any add ons for your mobile phone? Not perfect but if you just need it for a short while may well be the cheapest option.

  PERN 11:11 11 Oct 2011

Hi Bugle Thanks for response, The wife will be using it just for browsing the internet and e/mails. We will be in the Lake district so I think I will contact O2 ,our mobile supplier, and see if they can do me a deal wth one of their payg dongles. Being retired we grab a few holidays ayear so to buy one and keep using would make sense.Thanks again

  PERN 16:31 11 Oct 2011

Further info please Bugle ,when using internet Dongle via your mobile ,do you have to put the mobile sim card into the laptop.With me wanting to use payg it would make sense to use as I use in the mobile.

  v1asco 20:12 11 Oct 2011

The dongle plugs into the usb socket and should set up automatically.

If you have a slot for the sim card in your laptop put the card into that, though at times it is best to use the dongle blue tacked to the window with an extension lead to the laptop. See 02 are offering £10 off but it still may be best to use your phone with a bolt on. It will be interesting to see what you can squeeze out of O2.

  wee eddie 22:14 11 Oct 2011

Do you know if there is any signal at your chosen destination? The Lakes, like the Highlands of Scotland are notorious for their areas without signal.

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