broadband costs

  nepthys 10:01 01 Feb 2004

as a senior citizen, finances are very limited. i would like to get broadband, which is the cheapst way. at present, dial up with eurobell is 3p connection and 1p per minute subsequently
suggestions/info will be very welcom

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:16 01 Feb 2004
  spuds 11:59 01 Feb 2004

Might be worth looking at the Tiscali £15.99 per month ASDL service. Now with free modem and connection.No limitation as to day/night use. click here

  Sheila-214876 12:13 01 Feb 2004

Metronet at click here offer a Pay As You Go broadband connection. There is a minimum charge of £10 a month, and, depending on how many emails you send and how may downloads you do it is charged. You are allowed up to 200mb for your £10. The maximum monthly charge is capped at around £23 per month. Alternatively, you could look at click here and browse.

  Willjimbo 12:52 01 Feb 2004

As one silver surfer to another. Try click here This site gives an unbiased view on the multitude of ISP's

  R4 19:21 01 Feb 2004

Pipex do a Good Deal with Activation & modem with filters for £17.59 and £23.44 per month.... very reliable service

  Dipso 21:54 01 Feb 2004

If you check out Gandalf's thread, you can see my response to that poster.

Metronet may not be the cheapest to set up, £59 connection charge and you need to supply your own modem/router, but, unless you are a heavy user (into file sharing for example) you should recoup your outlay in a few months time.

Many Metronet regulars seem to pay around £14 a month including myself. If you aren't sure what your usage is,
click here for a free usage meter. Then click here and enter your findings in Metronet's usage calculator.

Tiscali's offerings 3x for £15.99 inc modem and set-up and 5x £19.99 free modem, are OK but when you can get 10x for the same price? Also, Tiscali tie you in to a 12 month contract, if your not happy with the service your stuck with it. BTW Metronet's contract is for 3 months. minimum.

  Dipso 22:05 01 Feb 2004

Sorry, meant to say, if you checkout the link in Gandalf's post.

  FGP 12:11 26 Feb 2004

I have been looking into all the options regarding broadband and which provider is the best to use etc. I have just found out about Metronet and the pay as you go service.

I'm going to be using broadband for Gaming Online and just wondered if anyone is using Metronet for the same purposes or have any experiences with them on this?

also, would the 500 service be sufficient, or would i need the 1000 service?

thanks, fgp

  Dipso 12:43 26 Feb 2004

If you don't get any responses from this board, you might be better asking the question click here

  FGP 12:49 26 Feb 2004


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