Broadband connection In Spain

  EARLR 12:28 27 Oct 2005

I an currently using Telefonica it's expensive and slow. Also requires a telephone connection which I seldom use.
Any ideas ?

  DieSse 15:53 27 Oct 2005

OK - can ou tell us what you mean by expensive and slow please - I have many clients and freinds using it quite happly - but Spain is not up to the 8Mbps speeds yet. Also there are many good deals around on BB and phone combined packages.

  EARLR 16:33 27 Oct 2005

My bill is around 90 ? per month and I make very few phone calls. I live near Marbella and the speed that I am getting is 100 Mbps.
If you of anything cheaper please let me know.

  ventanas 16:50 27 Oct 2005

Hay muchas opciones aqu? click here

  DieSse 18:34 27 Oct 2005

Do you mean 1Mbits/sec (which is current *standard* ADSL speed) or 100Kbytes/sec - which is the approximtate speed in bytes rather than bits?

?90 sounds a lot - I'll get back to you with what is around.

You *must* have a Telefonica line for ADSL - it's the cables it uses, much as you *must* have a BT line for ADSL in the UK.

  EARLR 22:19 27 Oct 2005

My lan says 100Mbps. Is that O.K. ?.

  DieSse 22:35 27 Oct 2005

That's your LAN speed - the speed that your computer talks to the Telefonica router - not the ADSL speed.

What speed did you sign up for?

Speed check here click here But alsi Google for some others using ADSL speed test

Try them several times and let me know the results.

  EARLR 10:36 28 Oct 2005

I am getting 712 Kbps down & 260 up.
I don't rember what I signed up for except it's on all the time.

  DieSse 14:44 28 Oct 2005

The basic Telefonica service is currently iMbps - which it appears you have, from the speed you are getting in practice. You can have this upgraded to include all calls within Spain, and the total price is ?39+IVA.

I understand from friends that all services are being gradually upgraded to 2Mbps, at no extra cost. Then you'll have to add on the monthly line cost - not sure what that is any more. Calls outside Spain are not covered.

You could also look at click here click here click here

  DieSse 14:44 28 Oct 2005

Ya - 4Mbps + calls ?29+IVA

Wanadoo - same as Ya


Wanadoo - 20Mbps + calls ?42+IVA

Tiscali - you need to enter your number to see the tariffs.

Some of these offers are only open in areas where the exchanges have been re-equipped for the higher speeds.

If you want to change suppliers, there will be a hiatus whilst your line is *given-up* by Telefonica. This can be a hassle.

Chaeck with Telefonica about when your line will be upgraded to 2Mbps and about the inclusion of telephone calls.

Check out the cheap calling charge companies - there's loads - all advertise in the English papers.

  EARLR 13:26 29 Oct 2005

Looks like I have a lot of options to explore before my contract with Telefonica expires in Jan.

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