VID1973 18:56 23 Nov 2007

Hi ppl,,,,another post here.

I must still be the only person in the uk with dial-up.

I cannot get broadband from any provider that i know.

I live in a cabled area (which BT ownes).
I have a telewest(virgin)phone line.

Virgin cannot supply the connection (except ASDL,which i then need to get a BT line installed and i do not want to pay £170 to get a BT line installed into my flat.

Sky will not go onto my roof as there is to much moss (H&S,,,HAVE YOU HEARD SO MUCH CRAP!!!!!)

Anybody any suggestions ????

Cheers again


  feb 19:01 23 Nov 2007

What about this click here

  VID1973 19:33 23 Nov 2007

Thanks for that feb,,,but my missus uses napster and such for her music,,,she would take up the quota in a day.

I need as quick as a can get without an allowance.

In my old flat i was a non stop gamer,,but i have fallin away from this due to dial-up.

Any more suggestions are very welcome

Cheers again


  Tim1964 20:07 23 Nov 2007

"Sky will not go onto my roof as there is to much moss"........

Why would Sky need to go near your roof to fix a dish to the wall?????

If you don't want Sky TV then they now do an option called 'Picnic' which is for non Sky subscribers.

click here

If your exchange is LLU'd then (depending on the distance) you will get much better speeds than if not.

  VID1973 20:10 23 Nov 2007

my flat faces the oppisite direction from which the dish has to be pointed,,,as for 'picnic,,,,i have never heard of it,,,is it new???

  Confab 23:01 23 Nov 2007

If SKY won’t go on to your roof to lay a cable then why don’t you do it? If you’re not confident then get an aerial installer to do it for you.

Having said that - After hearing various stories about SKY cable installers I decided that I would lay my own cabling before the SKY engineer arrived. I wanted to do this because I live in a fairly old house and didn’t want cables on display all over the place.

I routed a coax cable from my TV into a wall socket then under the floorboards, up through two walls, into the loft and then down through a small hole in the soffit and then to where my dish would be. When the SKY engineer arrived all he had to do was to attach the dish to the outside wall and connect the cable to it. He did the job very well and I then left him in my living room so he could tune the Digibox in. When I returned I discovered that he’d plugged a telephone cable into the Digibox and had stapled it to the skirting board all the way around the living room to my phone point. The skirting board in my house is about 7 inches wide and phone cable was stapled about three inches up! I wasn’t best pleased and needless to say as soon as he left the phone cable was removed and the staple holes filled.

  RobCharles1981 23:11 23 Nov 2007

Go to here:

click here

click here

Tel us what you can get?

  Tim1964 23:16 23 Nov 2007

My dish is on the north facing side of the house and has been fitted to a 'TK' bracket which raises it around and above the eaves. The dish is then able to 'look' over the roofline.

  pj123 18:03 24 Nov 2007

As far as I know BT doesn't own any cabled areas.

So if you have a Telewest (Virgin) telephone line is it on cable? If so, all you need to do is go to click here and pick a package that you would like.

click here

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