Broadband available says Virgin but no one else

  Newuser38 22:10 05 Jun 2004

I live in a village with about 100 houses. BT set the Broadband trigger at 100 and it is 30% achieved.

Today Virgin tell me that it is now available.

But AOL,All the BT's,Wanado,pipex, demon, tiscali and plusnet say not yet available.

Pipex advise that we are on the possible fasttrak list and BT will announce this before the end of June.

Are my friends at Virgin trying to steal a march on the rest or what.

Any ideas please

  SGT [email protected] 23:02 05 Jun 2004

hope you dont mind me asking but where is your village.

  computernerdiamnot 00:22 06 Jun 2004

Normally it will take seven days for virgin to set up with bt at the exchange. Ask virgin could they give you a date before you sign up. I am with virgin and they do not do 12 months contract so you are safe on that side.



  georgemac 08:51 06 Jun 2004

click here and do an exchange search - it will tell you the status of your exchange

  spuds 10:40 06 Jun 2004

Wonder if this is something to do with the Ofcom report about BT being forced to share exchange facilities!.

  Newuser38 11:32 06 Jun 2004

SGT [email protected] rather not but if you go to Pipex site you can check your own village, and they will give you info on fast tracking at the same time.
georgemac thanks done that on that site, and on Pipex and is not enabled.

I wonder if Virgin autochecker is playing up, but cant check this out until tomorrow. It still shows that we are enabled, and if one goes through the registration the re-check also says enabled.

Being realistic the number of times I need fast down and upload these days means that my free evenings and weekends and 1p/min in daytime weekday is still cost effective against £25/month for Virgin. Now if all phonecalls were free as well!!!

Thanks I will leave this open for a bit longer.

  georgemac 11:42 06 Jun 2004

free phone calls - I am awaiting details of NTL Freedom broadband. I am currently with them on dial up, where I pay line rental to BT, and have an NTL dialler which routes all my phone calls through the NTL network. I get 24/7 dialup access for free - all I have to spend is £15 each month for phone calls, and I always spend more than this anyway.

I have seen a price mentioned of £28 for 512K broadband from NTL over a BT line, but do not know if the full £28 is for calls through their phone network - the service is due to rollout on 1st July, and I have a thread which I will keep updated when I get the details. I will post the link.

The broadband resource site is usually spot on with information about when exchanges are enabled or are going to be enabled.

  georgemac 11:43 06 Jun 2004
  Newuser38 11:54 06 Jun 2004


Thanks will keep an eye on your other thread. As you would expect we dont have cable out here, and I did not realise NTL had this sort of service.

Still surprised if we are enabled the local exchange is still a wooden shed type place.

  Newuser38 18:57 08 Jun 2004

I have still not had a reply form Virgin as to whether,or not, there was a glitch on thie auto broadband checker the other day.

However the Virgin autochecker now says that broadband is not available to us yet!!

  accord 07:38 09 Jun 2004


From reading this thread, i would go with the majority and not the minority when it comes to it. If 90% are saying 'no you cant have BB' and 10% say 'you can', then i would air on the side of caution.

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