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  big_lads 10:18 02 Jan 2003
  big_lads 10:18 02 Jan 2003

I've just moved back to the UK from France where I had a good ADSL connection from Wanadoo/France Telecom that cost me €45 p.c.m. (about £30).

I will be getting a broadband connection in my new home shortly after I move in (a couple of weeks) and would like some advice as to whether to go for Cable or ADSL in the UK (my new place is OK for ADSL). I already have one of the lurid turquoise Alcatel USB External modems so I wouldn't need to buy one, but have heard a few things about the quality of voice calls suffering when using the ADSL connection etc (didn't happen to any noticeable level in France).

So the choice is between ADSL providers (anybody with joyous/horror stories to share?) or with NTL.

Thanks in advance for any pointers you can give me. :-)

  powerless 10:25 02 Jan 2003

Freeserve with me...

click here

  Andsome 10:32 02 Jan 2003

If you do a search of the site you will find numerous postings concerning NTL, most of them favouable concerning their broadband system. The engineer usually takes no time at all to install the cable providing you apready have a TV cable, if you don't than I would suggest that you go the whole hog and have NTL TV and telephone service, this will still only take about half a day to install. The CD is childs play to install. The important thing to do first before installing the CD, is to open Outlook Express/Tools/Accounts, highlight the existing mail account and click on REMOVE. Then go to My Computer/Dial up networking, and delete the dial up for your present ISP. This way you will avoid possible conflicts.

  big_lads 11:02 02 Jan 2003

I used to have NTL TV in my old flat (moving back to it) so a lot of the cabling would be already there, just need to renew my TV subscription and get the Cable Modem in too. The (new) PC won't be connected to the net until I get this access anyway so there shouldn't be a problem with old account details.

For the Freeserve ADSL - would I be able to use my Alcatel USB modem?

It's a bit strange having been abroad for 18 months because when I left the UK I was only hearing horror stories about broadband from BT or NTL, hopefully things are a bit more 'sorted' now.

  rickf 11:18 02 Jan 2003

Plusnet with me. Sounds like you want the home self install option which costs £22.99 pcm. There is an offer at present for people signing up before a certain date, can't remember the deadline. THis is for 512 mb. So far I have had good consistent service. All the best.

  Andÿ 11:31 02 Jan 2003

BT Openworld are the nation´s least favourite ISP according to Oftel´s figures, registering 1.6 complaints per 1,000 customers.

BT rivals Telewest Broadband, Freeserve and ntl:home all score 0.1, while AOL is a market model with less than 0.1 complaints per 1,000.

Just in case you didn't know you no longer need the TV package from NTL to use their BB.

NTL are (or were when I last looked) the biggest BB supplier in the UK and so even though they have the same number of complaints per 1000 customers as most BB ISP's (and a lot less than BT Openworld) the appear worse as they have more customers.

NTL's £25 package is 600k and in my experience has been between 800-900k. With ADSL it is more likely to be 400 and odd k. click here

  wint 12:18 02 Jan 2003

Good morning.

I use Pipex ADSL. Apart from a problem resulting in an intermittent connection for a couple of weeks (which turned out to be a BT exchange fault) all has been fine. The customer service and help line has improved from shocking to not bad recently. I have only needed to call them once (fault above). The quality of the telephone line for speech did not noticeably deteriorate either (although I understand it can).

My mum uses NTL cable broadband., took a week for NTL to get their act together and connect her properly but all has been good since, about a year and no complaints.

Have a look at click here

Good luck

  *mark 12:19 02 Jan 2003

take a look at pipex. they often do special offers such as free activation and/or connection and their excellent wires only deal is around £22.50 a month. im impressed with the speeds and have no complaints...

hope this helps.


  big_lads 12:34 02 Jan 2003

OK - I think I'm going to go for NTL, the 'extra' speed has done it for me.
A friend of mine in France who has a cable set up from Noos (Similar to NTL) always had a lower ping than me when we were on-line gaming (compared to my ADSL) and that's also a clincher.

Ta :-)

  Isinor 12:34 02 Jan 2003

I use NTL 600-Kbps service, I purchased my cable modem (£125) so the cost is only £20pcm. Has worked without faults for more that 2yrs :-)

I have friends with the NTL 128Kbps... fine for web, email & games... not so good with MP3 & Video...

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