Winston Churchill 18:58 11 May 2003

I do not know if this has already been dissuced but I could not find a post with the relevant title, so here it is, I want to get Broadband but I do not know which proider to go for as I only know of two (BT and Blueyonder) and my past experiences with BT Internet are not pleasant but that was a few years ago, which broadband supplier should I opt for on PERSONAL experience please as I find that it is better than facts and figures.



  VoG™ 19:23 11 May 2003

Blueyonder are excellent, despite current problems with e-mail.

Professional installation, friendly and helpful support staff (very rarely needed), one "outage" for about 3 hours in the 18 months or so that I've had it.

  -pops- 19:33 11 May 2003

BT has been by ISP since 1997.

I've had BT Openworld broadband since November 2000.

I have no complaints about the service I have received in that time.


  S5W 19:41 11 May 2003

I went for BT 'plug & go' DIY connection thirteen months ago, I have had good service throughout that time. On the two occasions I have asked for advice it has been given via e mail promptly. No complaints.

  Joe McG 21:06 11 May 2003

I've had blueyonder broadband for approaching 2 years now.

Can only remember being down for less than 1 hour,
and recieved an e-mail from blueyonder 24 hours beforehand.

  Hunte® 21:26 11 May 2003

I use Force9 (aka Plusnet) for my Broadband connection. Like nearly all ADSL based broadband providers, they are reliant on BT Wholesale for the initial backend and the speed of activation (currently running at 5-7 days on average).

Prices start at £18.99 per month, woth the most common home user account costing £21.99 per month and giving 250Mb webspace, unlimited pop email addresses, CGI, PHP, MySQL, SMTP mail, Static IP, BBCi, backup dialup and 24/7 service & support.

Also available are some new lower contention (20:1) 'homeworker' accounts offering 1Mb (£44.99) and 2Mb (£59.99) connections.

If your interested then click here

  jediknight007 02:37 12 May 2003

I signed up for PlusNet last Sunday and I should be receiving my ADSL modem tomorrow. Should have really got it on Friday but no-one was in to receive it! I'm gonna be paying £21.99 a month but the cheapest one available is £18.99, similar to that of Force9 since they are the same company. Have a look: click here It's also one of the broadband providers which does a 'Refer a friend' option where if you refer PlusNet to a friend and they sign up, you get about £6 off for a month. The only drawback is that I had to pay £116 for line activation, ADSL modem and micro-filters but I'm happy enough with the low monthly prices.

  simonp1 07:16 12 May 2003

click here

This site gives you a host of companies, you can compare them to each other

Nildram, pipex and Zen seem to do very well

  vaughan007 09:01 12 May 2003

I choose BY broadband. A few hours downtime in a year or so.

If you do get any probs, they are helpfull.

You can easily upgrade to faster cable services if you want to (Telewest just send a 'hit' to your cable).

  Winston Churchill 15:11 13 May 2003

Thanks, i will take a look at all of those sites, its nice to get 'human' advice not just statistics once in a while.



  Winston Churchill 15:34 13 May 2003

Sorry to 'bug' people but after looking at FORCE 9's Website and there £21.99 internet package it says that it does not support p2p programs like Kazaa, is this entirely correct?


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