Fillymouskwitz 16:58 09 Apr 2003

Dear All ....

Finally, after years of swearing at my paltry 56k modem, BT have seen sense and are activating my local broadband exchange.

THerefore, as of 18th June I will be able to enjoy the Internet fully. However, I was wondering what my options now are. Do I have to commit to BT, or am I able to shop around for other ISPs ?

If so, any suggestions for reliable ISPs. I use BTopenworld now and am fairly happy with the service, other than the snails pace connection.

All advice greatly appreciated.

  TOPCAT® 18:40 09 Apr 2003

You don't have to commit to BT by any means, but many here have a good broadband service from them.

Others choose to use other ISPs - I have Pipex - but for good info on many ISPs and their terms go to click here

You can check all about broadband from here. TC.

  brightonroyal 19:42 09 Apr 2003

I use at click here and pay £22.99 pm for what so far has been a decent, reliable, good value for money service. Good customer service; one of my microsplitters arrived duff and I had a new one delivered the next day with no hassle. Don't know about the others but I'm happy where I am!

  TOPCAT® 20:27 09 Apr 2003

You have quite some time to wait until the 18th June so I wouldn't rush in just yet to sign up with anyone. There could be better deals forthcoming, since BT cut their wholesale prices to ISPs, so keep a watch on the market.

It usually takes around ten days to get connected from your signup date, though this could vary depending on circumstances and the chosen ISP. I would assume BT might be the quickest. TC.

  Demora 22:46 09 Apr 2003

Try click here BUT get your own ADSL modem. Theres is not the best. It works BUT>>>>

£19.99 per month


  Forum Editor 23:54 09 Apr 2003

and of course in the end it's up to you to decide who gets your business.

Bear in mind that all ADSL services originate with BT who sell them to ISPs via a company called BT wholesale. Everyone has to make a profit to stay in business, and that means that suppliers who are offering broadband at very reduced prices must be cutting their margin to the bone. There's nothing wrong with that, but if anything goes wrong they have no room for manouevre and there's not much left to plough into customer service.

BT OpenWorld are the original ADSL service providers. I get my broadband connection from them, and have done so since broadband services were first launched in the UK. So far I've had excellent service from them, and I've had no compelling reason to change.

Be cautious - you have time to research the market and listen to what others have to say. A few pounds saved every month (whilst important) shouldn't necessarily be the ruling criteria - reliability of service is what matters in the long run.

  Forum Editor 23:57 09 Apr 2003

just thought I would try it a different way...

  Diver14 14:20 10 Apr 2003

I've had BT broadband for nearly a year now and I will be swopping to Nildram as soon as I can.

For the first four months of me paying for my ADSL service it wouldn't work and BT openwoe gave APPALLING service. The only way I got it fixed and all my money back was to obtain the private e-mail address of the BT chairman!! Boy did that work!!!

My point is - it doesn't matter that the service has been reliable since, it's the dread of poor service if things go wrong in the future. I don't trust them. Check out the ADSL advice sites for the companies that give reliable connectiona AND good service when things go wrong.

  Justabitbaffled 14:35 10 Apr 2003

Any chance of passing this e-mail address on?

My line was "enabled" yesterday; followed the installation instructions; plugged into the USB lights!

Turned out that the modem was busted; ended up talking to a bloke in Belgium who confirmed this was the case (as fortunately the modem didn't light up on my laptop usb either).

I am now waiting for BT to respond and send a replacement; they say it might now be monday!

Strange how they manage to debit the credit card to within a millisecond of the due date but cant manage to deliver a parcel overnight anymore

  Diver14 20:00 10 Apr 2003

Certainly - but I would give the normal support staff the chance to correct the problem before you go in guns blazing!!

[email protected]

Also try:

[email protected] (he is one of the very top dogs at BTopenworld)

Don't be surprised if these addresses have changed - I've passed them on to a few people who've had problems!!

It's such a shame we have to go to the very top to get our problems sorted out.

  malgall 20:56 10 Apr 2003

i have just joined pipex 7 days after calling
if was working and the fujitsu 310 modem they supply for £23.44 is good no problems
original isp i wanted was nildram
but found using free phone number waited
over 20 minutes a few times so gave up
with them

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