123joey123 13:11 06 Jul 2007

I am thinking of going to Plus Net for Broadband as it offers a reasonable price.I know it had a bad name but has anyone had any experience since BT bought it?

  bluto1 19:10 06 Jul 2007


  Totally-braindead 19:23 06 Jul 2007

Did it have a bad name? I just joined it a month ago and I'm happy enough. Up 8meg speeds and I personally get between 1.5 meg and 3 meg depending on time, and as they have a UK call centre you can understand what they say. I'm a bit away from the exchange so knew I wouldn't get anything like the 8 meg.
Only complaint I have myself is the time it takes to get through to them on the phone but my query once raised has always been answered and sorted.
At the moment I'm happy enough. A lot better than Tiscali both with the connection and with the support.
But I have to point out its early days as I've only been with them a month.

  Rigga 20:09 06 Jul 2007

I've been with PlusNet for years, around 5 or so.

They went through a bad patch with emails, and customer support and they had some bad publicity when they introduced a fair use policy / traffic shaping.

Although most of the people who complained about FUP/TS were downloading ridiculous amounts of data per month, like 20-50gb during peak hours.

They have got better recently with their customer service, and I personally have had no problems with my emails.

Overall I am happy with the service they provide, and they are one of the few ISP that seem honest when it comes to making changes. It's what has got them into trouble in the past.

Sorry about the long post, overall I would recommend them.

If you do go with them, then use a referral, my Id is RCCLTD.


  123joey123 09:46 07 Jul 2007

Thanks all
I'll give it a go

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