Stowit 16:28 21 Jan 2005

I indulged with BT over 12 months ago but the recent bargains on offer made me consider changing ISP. I rang BT to see what to do & was told my 'classic' £25 pm 512 kb package could be upgraded to unlimited 1mb service 'no charge'. I'm still changeing to Carphone wharehouse as they are doing a good phone/internet deal. I'm also p***ed off BT never thought to just upgrade me, but carried on taking my money. Anyway if you're a classic customer ring querrying cancelation & get upgraded.

  Totally-braindead 16:44 21 Jan 2005

Its not just BT I'm afraid, same thing happened with Wannadoo to a mate of mine.

  spuds 17:00 21 Jan 2005

It seems as though the bigger the company, the worse it seems to get.Offers are there,but the loyal customers are the last to be told or offered them.

I was a member of the Automobile Association for over thirty years. In all that time I only required seven call outs, and three of those was on the same day for the same problem. My fees kept going up, and at the same time new members fees were very much cheaper, mainly as an incentive to join. I took this up with the AA,asking if it was possible to give reductions to loyal members. The AA wasn't interested and didn't want to know, so I joined another organization and gained the same benefits, but a far cheaper rate.

  stalion 20:01 21 Jan 2005

enough said my point in the bt £5 charge post why didn't they offer you the upgrade anyway.

  taffhughes 21:04 04 Feb 2005

Just adding this thread to my posting

As I been with Bt for Nealy 12 months and like "stowit" am considering a change

  Stowit 22:36 04 Feb 2005

For your info ,change to CPW was painless & should prove worthwhile!

  Fellsider 13:10 05 Feb 2005

I changed from BT to Telewest (cable) while still on dial-up. Mainly because of BT's lack of customer care.

Changed to Telewest Broadband @ 768k (512 + 50%)have since been upgraded to 1mb free of charge and automatically.

Admittedly you may not be in a cabled area.

  1514 23:20 05 Feb 2005

PlusNet Home 2Mbps Lite reduced to £14.99 per month
click here

Does this look interesting as it is supposed to start on 11th. Feb. although they have not yet altered their site?

I pay that for my dialup. Roll on end of June when I should be able to get BB.

  steve263000 12:15 06 Feb 2005

I have been with NTLworld ever since they came to my area. I was glad to get off BT. When the chance to get broadband came I jumped at it. Now when a upgrade comes, then I get it without asking. I have gone from 512 to 600 and now to 750, all without a change in the £25pm I pay. BT have always ripped off the consumer, and always will.

  TomJerry 12:25 06 Feb 2005

bandwidth does not cost ISP any differently, 512k will cost as the same as 1M and 2M for ISPs, what really cost them money is total traffic, i.e. 2GB will cost twice as muh 1GB total data traffic

this is why ISPs increase bandwidth, but reduce up limit, 1GB limit is not really useful

the fast speed means that you run out of limit quickly and have to pay extra to get more

basically, higher speed is just a way to suck more money out of customers

if you still see any unlimted package at reasonable price, grab them quickly, they may disappear very soon

  Stowit 11:36 07 Feb 2005

Plus net looked phenomenal, - until I read the download limit then extra charges. Admittedly I've no idea what 'use' that translates to, but its all unlimited with CPW. For £33 (£43.50 inc BT rent)p/m I get 1mb unlimited BB & inclusive all day landline calls. Even dial up fans can get 50% off their internet calls. I don't work for them, but am a bit of a fan!

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