British Gas clain they have the cheapest leccy

  David-1356531 13:28 16 Jul 2009

How do they get away with it?

They say on national TV that on average they have the cheapest electric prices in the uk. In my region theyre the most expesive yet people believe they are cheap because of the tv advert. I contacted consumer watch and trading standards who claim it is all down to the wording. they take the average over the country. You might be able to get dirt cheap electric in newcastle from BG but in Kent its extortionate!!! they should only be able to say the region where it is the cheapest but somehow they get away with saying its nationwide.
God damn LIARS!!!

  oresome 13:49 16 Jul 2009

If it wasn't true, both their competitors and the advertising authority would be on to them and the advert would have to be withdrawn.

If that hasn't happened, I assume they must on average offer the cheapest electricity as advertised.

It would be interesting to know how many of their existing customers actually enjoy this low tariff. Is it automatically applied to all existing customers or do they have to apply for it.

  David-1356531 14:06 16 Jul 2009

I guess your right! they are the cheapest in newcastle so that must mean there cheaper every where else. I DONT THINK SO! im still trying to get that advert not only taken off air but a national appology for being such liars!

  oresome 15:45 16 Jul 2009

Let us all know if you have any success.

Rather than call them liars, you might be better asking them for the statistics to substantiate their claim first. It might save you having to give an apology in the high court.

  David-1356531 16:10 16 Jul 2009

its an interesting point. I suppose it is slander until proven correct. Lets compare prices shall we.

I spend £150 per quarter on electric with another provider who charges me as follows,

23.9p for the first 225 units and then 9.1p for all the rest. That is the equivelent to 1282kwh

with british gas 1282kwh in a quarter would cost me

125 x 24.3 = £30.37
1157 x 10.4 = £120.32

the discounts are the same so i havent included them.

clearly for me british gas are 69p more expensive.
this may sound like only a litle but the thing is it is more expensive. Therefore british gas are not the cheapest. That is just comparing it to my provider. if you go to uswitch and take a look i bet you will not see british gas as the cheapest! thus i dont see how they can claim they are the cheapest!

  T0SH 16:14 16 Jul 2009

I think maybe the posters handle minus the punctuation "EON Rep" and the subject maybe says it all ?

cheers HC

  laurie53 19:45 16 Jul 2009

Could d2dRep perhaps mean "door to door representative"?

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:48 16 Jul 2009

You are both very cynical.

So am I!

  Kaacee 20:18 16 Jul 2009

BG ARE the cheapest supplier I can get, and as Tosh & laurie53 say, could this guy/girl be a EON rep? just a thought......

  Kevscar1 23:15 16 Jul 2009

and not a very bright one either.

  Spark6 23:29 16 Jul 2009

click here

He/she has woken from a midsummer dream!

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