British gas boiler insurance

  User-A68B3E16-3E4F-4EAE-9E3431583C6DAD90 20:20 09 Oct 2010

The cover that sits on top of my flue to block the rain has blown off in the wind and disappeared.
The chap from BG said this was third party damage and was not covered by my Homecare 400 policy.
One of the examples he gave was as follows.
If you throw A party and someone rips a radiator off your wall we wouldn`t come and fix it.
It`s the same with your Flue.
Has anyone any thoughts on this.
Many thank for any help you can give.

  canarieslover 21:29 09 Oct 2010

My mother had their insurance that also included a service every year. Three years ago they broke the igniter on a gas fire and subsequently denied doing it. I had to get a gas fitter out to repair it and his verdict was that there was no way that it could break on it's own and as it was not accessible without dismantling it was clearly the fault of the service engineer. They still denied any responsibility. The following year they serviced everything and left her without a working central heating boiler, which was working fine until their service engineer touched it. Fortunately I arrived as he was leaving and made sure that he stayed until it was working again. He had to get on the phone to get advice on the repair. It turned out that running the boiler on maximum for the length of time he needed to check settings had tripped an overheat sensor. Resetting it took seconds but his inexperience meant it cost him an extra hour to rectify. Cancelled the insurance after making a complaint about the service. The engineer was prepared to drive away and leave a bedridden invalid without heating!!

  birdface 22:24 09 Oct 2010

They condemmed my sister in laws boiler and said they could no longer get the parts.
If they take the payments they should be liable for the repair.
Switched her of at Christmas for two weeks.
Later she was told it was the top that had come off the Flue and had let the rain in.
Tried the same thing with the woman upstairs condemmed the boiler and she got a plumber in for a second opinion.
Cost her £20 and there was nothing the matter with the boiler.
They were Just trying to sell them new central heating systems.
Now that was about 6 years ago maybe they have improved by now.
If the cover has been blown off the top like you say it could not have been installed properly at the time. Or maybe birds stnding on it could caust some damage I suppose.
It will need to be replaced and if the gas board refuse to do it.
It will probably be up to you to have it repaired.
If a council house the council should be liable if your own looks like you may have to get it fixed.
Probably cost an arm and a leg getting the gas board to do it but I would ask them how mutch.
if you see anyone getting new central heating put in near you it's always worth asking them how mutch they would charge.

  spuds 23:04 09 Oct 2010

Perhaps like a number of other people, I am finding it difficult as to the worth of some of these 'peace of mind' warranties. Perhaps more so at renewal time, when there is a price increase.

Every year we have all our gas equipment serviced under one contract. This year apparently (due to age) our cooker is going to be under another contract at extra cost.

No it isn't, because we will not be renewing the or both contracts.

  961 10:19 10 Oct 2010

This should be covered under the storm damage section of your household insurance

  shellship 11:03 10 Oct 2010

I seem to recall reading recently that a "Which" report had recommended not entering into any insurance-based repair contract but just to pay a reputable local engineer either to service regularly or to wait until something actually went wrong.

  jakimo 13:07 10 Oct 2010

Its a warning to all,that they should take care as to where they have their parties

  Ventad 14:15 10 Oct 2010

Read what it says in the boiler insurance, a number of years ago I had a water leak in the cast iron boiler heat exchanger. The Engineer came up took a look and said nothing to do with him and left I got out the policy and reread it and lo-and behold the wording was to the effect "The Appliance" (meaning the boiler) anything happenning to it including waterways and gas pipes and burners and anything attached within were part of the insurance. Many apologies from the Manager and up they came to fix it.

  KremmenUK 08:09 11 Oct 2010

I left the BG servicing scheme quite a few years ago now.

For ages they failed to rectify a fault on a warm air system. They also used to shut off the gas after each service reckoning that I had insufficient ventilation.

My boiler setup has been inspected by a fully qualified engineer and I have the required ventilation. The manufacturers have had many problems with BG because they reckon BG don't like warm air systems.

I managed to find a local company who specialise in warm air systems and they fixed the problem BG had failed in a single visit.

I now use the local company to service my boiler and they also agree that I have the correct ventilation.

Hello again.
I have just been in touch with my House insurance legal helpline and they seem to think it unlikely that BG can claim it is third party damge unless they are saying it is an act of God.
I will have another bash at BT and let you know how I go on.

  961 11:16 11 Oct 2010

It's surely storm damage and either household insurance or, if it's something like a stainless steel flue fitted by the boiler installer as part of the system, the homecare boiler policy should cover it

I didn't think any insurer tried to get away with act of God when refuting storm damage claims anymore but of course knowing British Gas....

Only problem is the cost of replacing may make it not worth while to claim because many of both types of policy have an excess

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