British Gas Appliance Cover

  Newuser939 11:56 15 Apr 2008

I am in the market for kitchen appliance cover and went to the British Gas site. The relevant site here

click here

suggests that there are three price bands for one appliance, up to three appliances and up to nine appliances. As I want cover for seven appliances, "up to nine" would seem to cover it.
Having given details of the seven appliances, I received the following notice

"We are unable to accept your sales order online as we provide packages for only 1, 3, 5 or 9 appliances only. Please call us on 0845 600 5090 to process your order."

Is there a good reason for this, or is it another of the annoyances for which British Gas is so well known?

  peter99co 12:09 15 Apr 2008

Before falling for this you want to check the extra cost when things go wrong. The TV advert shows a customer paying for a repair even with cover. For £20 a month I would want there to be no other costs at all.Have you read the small print re when additional charges are to be made?

  jack 15:25 15 Apr 2008

Appliance showroom /installer to check out.
BG have always been the most uncompetitive- a hang over from the days when there was a BG monopoly and you had no choice
New you have.

  Pine Man 16:47 15 Apr 2008

You'd be better off putting the appliance cover premiums into a building society account and in the, unlikely, event that something goes wrong outside the guarantee period draw some out to pay a local tradesman.

  oresome 17:30 15 Apr 2008

An interesting concept. I wonder how well it will work in practise?

I can't imagine the same repairman tackles the gas hob, the freezer and the microwave. Will you have to wait in several days whilst the appliances are inspected by different people every two years?

  pj123 18:10 15 Apr 2008

Isn't is nice to have a nephew who is a Corgi
Registered Gas Fitter?

He has just serviced my Central Heating.

Fitted a new pump and a new timer.

Total cost? Nothing.

  Pine Man 18:19 15 Apr 2008

'whilst the appliances are inspected by different people every two years'

What! - the gas hob, freezer and microwave?

Come on, I agree your CH should be serviced annually but not all the rest of your appliances, certainly not mine.

My (wifes!) washing machine is about 10 years old and has just started playing up so we have decided to order a new one. The cost of a annual maintenance on the old one would have been double the price of replacing it.

As far as I am concerned it is worth the gamble not to have appliance cover.

  Pine Man 18:29 15 Apr 2008

...if I had invested that money in a building society I would have had even more;-)

  sunny staines 18:37 15 Apr 2008

domestic general is cheaper than br gas and their service is good.

  oresome 18:52 15 Apr 2008

Pine Man,

I quote from the blurb,

"A Maintenance Inspection once in every continuous two year period."

  961 18:53 15 Apr 2008

The gas boiler does need servicing annually. Everything else can wait until breakdown because in most cases there is nothing to service except, for example, the filters in a washing machine which you can do yourself

We found the boiler manufacturer offered a service scheme which included an annual service and free repair if the boiler broke down. It was pounds cheaper than BG

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