Bring Tiscali to Account

  ened 07:00 17 Feb 2007

I would urge anyone who is having problems with Tiscali to contact BBC Watchdog.

You only need to look at the Tiscali Forums to realise what a shoddy outfit they are and something needs to be done to force them to comply.

My particular complaint is that, after several months of complaining about slow speeds, one of their CEOs contacted me and told me I was to be given a free upgrade to the 8 meg service. That was in November and I even had a confirmation mail from the upgrade team.

But it never happened.

Now they rarely answer my mail and the latest excuse (As they seem to be giving to so many others) is that it is BTs fault. When I told them that I had contacted BT and there is no problem at their end, they came back with the answer that it is ‘BT Systems’! This being after three months!

In other words they are taking the p***.

If enough disgruntled ‘customers’ contact Watchdog they (BBC) might think it is worth investigating.

  ened 07:24 17 Feb 2007
  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:33 17 Feb 2007

vote with your feet and change isp. It's the only language Companies like Tiscali understand.

  alB 10:48 17 Feb 2007

I couldn't agree more with you, Tiscali are a rubbish ISP that should be made to get their house in order, I've got an ongoing speed problem with them that they can't or won't sort out, like yourself, they want to blame anybody but themselves and the excuses they give are at times laughable (that is if you can understand the person on the other end of the phone). there is an online petition if you would care to sign at click here ...alB

  Jackcoms 11:12 17 Feb 2007

"Tiscali are a rubbish ISP that should be made to get their house in order"

Tiscali are also one of the largest ISPs in the world with an appropriately large customer base.

For every moaner such as yourself there are thousands more satisfied customers (including me).

  Zaphod 3 11:33 17 Feb 2007

Voted with my feet last and went to NTL. After Tiscali welshed on an agreement made last year.

We had the tales of doom that we would not be able to connect for 2 to three weeks as we had been unbundled. I would have loved to have seen thir faces when we told them we were going on cable.

  alB 14:38 17 Feb 2007

"For every moaner such as yourself there are thousands more satisfied customers (including me)."
That's probably perfectly true, but it's of now comfort to "the moaners" when you have to suffer v.v. poor connection speed and a total lack of customer support, I would love to be one of the thousands of satisfied customers and come on here singing Tiscalis' praises but until they sort out the problems, I stick by what I've said, I'm paying 13 quid a month for a service that's at best average and at worst totally hopeless ...alB

  grumpygramp 14:46 17 Feb 2007

They were like that from the word go I was with Tiny`s ISP when Tiscrappi took them over . After 3 months of problems I left .

  Jimmy14 14:51 17 Feb 2007

I have had alot of problems with Tiscali. This is just one of them,
click here

  ened 15:21 17 Feb 2007

"Tiscali are also one of the largest ISPs in the world with an appropriately large customer base."

Actually, from what I have been reading, they are in trouble and are giving up in many countries. We are one of the few European countries where they still operate.

I know many people who only use the internet for basics like email, maybe only sporadically. They will not complain because they don't know any better.

Jackcoms You only need to look at the Forums on Tiscali (which, incidentally, you can't access unless you join them) to see, not only many disgruntled customers being given the run-around, but also the theme developing of procrastination.

It makes me wonder if they are keeping people hanging on for a specific date when it will matter no more.

With me they have used every trick in the book, including writing to me by Royal Mail!!! Somewhat ironic don't you think?

If enough people contact the BBC, perhaps the power of the media might force them into some form of action.

  palinka 19:08 17 Feb 2007

I use BB through Pipex - a very good ISP, though you'll find complaints about them too on this forum. But I also keep a dial-up account with tiscali and have found them very reliable. A lot of my friends also use tiscali and would agree with me.

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