Mark5001 11:11 26 Aug 2006

Hi All
Want to post a very annoying problem with the above company. National TV and Newspaper adverts offer you no deposit credit with weekly payments whatever your credit situation. However, after now getting 33 family and friends (bad and excellent credit ratings, Mine is AAA) to apply we have all been turned down "Because you are outside the delivery area" My local branch is Southampton and 4 of my friends who applied live there. I did post about this before and have spent some time investigating my theory that bad credit cases are turned down by this stupid response. Has anyone else had a problem with this company? All e-mails I have recieved have been sent to Fair Trading and I need more to prove my theory. The reason I applied is because the weekly payments are really low, and I am only a carer for my parents at this time and as such I am on benefits.Forgot to say that the website states that you pick up your purchase from the local branch not get it delivered.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:34 26 Aug 2006 is an online art gallery or am I missing the blindingly obvious?


  realist 12:05 26 Aug 2006
  Mark5001 12:52 26 Aug 2006

click here

  Mark5001 12:53 26 Aug 2006

Interesting. Thanks.

  €dstowe 12:59 26 Aug 2006

Be very, very careful in using sites/companies like this one.

I note that their APR is 29.9% - an absolutely ridiculously high rate.

Even if I could get credit from this firm, I wouldn't want it on these terms.

Please, please think again before you proceed further.

  €dstowe 13:17 26 Aug 2006

I've just checked a price on their site.

An unknown brand LCD television is offered at £997.08 with "optional service cover" the total payable is £2038.80

I srongly suspect the the optional service cover is not, in fact, optional if you take any credit option with them.


  Mark5001 14:26 26 Aug 2006

Thank You very much.
Your post has just knocked some sense into me. On the lookout for a decent TV to replace my old 28" model so I was hooked before I read through properly. I will avoid at all costs. I am however still incensed by being turned down because of the reason in my initial post. This is now personal and I will follow it through until I get a satisfactory answer from them. I'll leave this open for a couple of days to see if I get any joy and I will post back then.

  johndere 15:57 26 Aug 2006

APR @ 29.9% Avoid this company.
These companies often turn down people with a good credit history, they are after people with a poor rating, as that way they are more likely to want to pay over a longer period & will not mind paying such a high APR rate!

  joe95 16:07 26 Aug 2006

Do you have a Credit Union in your area? if so try them very reasonable rates and very helpful.I'm a vlunteer for my local credit union and we come across a lot of people who have used people are describing and come to grief and we have been able to help them.

  spuds 16:14 26 Aug 2006

Being 'turned down' as possibly done you a favour, as the main attraction of this company is the low weekly payment scheme. Remember, the longer it takes to repay the loan, the more interest charges you will need to find and pay over a longer period.

I use to get quite a lot of junk mail from Crazy Georges (part of the same original company), and checking the goods against the payment requirements, seemed to offer nothing more than further debts at higher long term charges for those that could ill afford.Count your blessings on this occasion, for the refusal.

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