Breathe ISP - anyone else got stung ?

  daba 00:23 24 Jun 2003

Did anyone else suffer from Breathe's insistance on a launcher?

Why do we have to suffer these meddlings?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:16 24 Jun 2003

Slightly incoherent....could you expand somewhat?


  Tenner 12:22 24 Jun 2003

I don't know about 'stung', and I'm not sure we are on the same wavelength, but I'm ripping my hair out !( what's left of it )

I downloaded the new launcher about 3 weeks ago, when it was first announced - now, for the last week I've been receiving vitalregistration emails telling me to download version 4.14, which is the one I had 3 weeks ago. All communication is futile ( other than the premium rate line, I guess - haven't used it ) All emails to known breathe addresses are being returned/bounced, despite previous successful/useful contacts.

And before you suggest it, I'm very reluctant to change ISP because of simple address which I've had for years with them.

Any suggestions/ advice would be appreciated


  akzah 22:17 24 Jun 2003

Same here, I have quickly decided that Breathe is not worth the money espically lately where it takes 5 busy signals before you logon on.

  daba 00:34 25 Jun 2003

To expand for Gandalf...

Breathe have decided to take over from standard windows dial-up access - insisting on users having a 'launcher' program, which they say will dial alternative numbers if busy etc etc.

I'm always suspicious of such programs, i'd prefer to choose an alternative myself if busy, an experience i've not had Akzah, nearly always connecting 1st time.

Anyway, Gandalf, it took me 6 hours to get through to the support number, and i kept a log of calls made, over 300 engaged, 35 ringing only to be cut of after 2 mins 08 seconds (128 !) so i'm pushed back out of the queue, and when i did get through i got cut off mid-sentence. Whoever decide having call-centres in India was a good idea wants his frankfurter furtled !!

Then it was a further 100 or so calls to get connected again, and after a 40 minute conversation, we mutaully agreed that the dial-up solution they were offering was not suitable for my needs, and he gave me details to access via another number while I searched for an alternative ISP.

Can you believe that dial-up access to your ISP requires you to enter your e-mail name and e-mail password !! how is that going to allow the rest of your family onto the internet ?

  daba 00:43 25 Jun 2003

Breathe will not divulge the numbers used by the new dialler so people can use a manual configuration. at least thats what the nice Indian man says.....

.... perhaps the customers should request (i.e. demand) this, and let people manage their own PCs and internet access if thats what they want to do

I always check the number being dialled by the Windows dial-up, just to be sure it hasn't been replaced by a virus perhaps that dials a premium-rate number !!!

  daba 00:45 25 Jun 2003

Perhaps I should have said "the nice man in India" instead, sorry for any possible inference on what I said, I was complaining about the location......

  Chris the Ancient 08:52 25 Jun 2003

is whether my old e-mail address will still be active.

Many moons ago, when you could buy a lifetime's subscription for free access to an ISP, I joined breathe.

Then they cancelled it.

Then they got slow and always engaged.

Then I changed ISP

Now I'm broadband.

All this time - and despite which ISP I'm logged on with, I can access my e-mails at breathe.

I'm wondering if this new launcher will completely bar me from breathe.

Not that I care. Breathe seams to be my spam-mail address and all the people I really want to communicate with use my ntl address anyway.

I shall wait. But I shan't hold my breath(e).


  TechMad 09:29 25 Jun 2003

It is probably an unrelated problem, but since downloading the new launcher, I have found that more of my incomming and out going emails bounce.

I also find that the new launcher is extremely slow to disconnect (Probably due to running WinXP on a P3 450MHz with 128mb of ram)*Smile*.

  Big Elf 12:52 25 Jun 2003

Freeserve have introduced a similiar launcher and for apparently the same reasons as Breathe. I spoke to the help line and was told I MUST use it. I was a bit unsure as to whether this is some form of spyware due to their insistence that I had to use it. However a search in Google gave me site that listed all the phone numbers that would work for Freeserve. They had done this be examining the 'exe' and 'ins' files in a text editor. Since then (2 weeks ago) I've had no problem connecting. Maybe someone could do a similar thing with the Breathe Launcher or there may be something already on the net.

  fudge 14:39 25 Jun 2003

I was connecting through a subsidiary of Freechariot and I had the same request as above from 'Vitalregstrations'to update my dialler. Having done so it has changed to a 'Breathe'interface, a company I have had no dealings with nor have any contract with.

Having tried to find out if this was legal I cannot get a response from anybody except the helpline provided by Vitalregistrations, which is next to useless.

I didn't ask for this dialler, and don't want - it won't let you save your dial-up password, it keeps causing lockups with my system and it pops up at all sorts of times.

Since then Freechariot seem to have disappeared as their website has a message saying all business has been suspended. Until this enforced dialler change I had a perfectly acceptable dial-up connection but cannot find out why I have ended up with a 'Breathe' dialler. Nobody from Breathe answers emails, and now Freechariot has gone.

Can these companies just make these changes when they feel like it and do we have any choice other than change ISP.

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