boxercise courses

  iqs 14:27 23 Oct 2010


I was wondering if any of the forum members have any experience of Boxercise courses,good or bad?.

I'm thinking about joining ,via my local sports centre.The main reason is to loose weight and improve my fitness level.

Thank you

  finerty 17:56 23 Oct 2010

you could always try shadow boxing

  spuds 00:56 24 Oct 2010

The Leicester 'binman' Rendall Munroe is boxing later today in Tokyo for the WBC super-bantamweight championship. His boxing regime might help you loose weight and improve your fitness level. Do you want me to give him the nod?.

If you want to see him and Toshiaki Nishioka in action, then you might see the boxing match being broadcast on Sky television later today.

  jakimo 02:22 24 Oct 2010

If you want to loose weight and improve your level of fitness take up swimming,which is far more effective for overall fitness,boxing is for leaning self defense, co-ordination and having lots of bloody noses

  sunnystaines 08:24 24 Oct 2010

remember your diet. dont use diet food gimmics.

cut out sugary, fatty foods, use fresh food where possible cut out as much processed food as possible they just make you hungary with all the additives they put in.

keep fit at home try running,situps press ups etc.
cheaper than a gym

  wee eddie 12:17 24 Oct 2010

Do you mean Courses or Classes?

In other words, do you wish to teach Boxercise or take part in it?

As to classes, I have only been to a few, when I was a Fitness Fanatic averaging averaging more than 6 hours high impact Step or Aerobics each week, and found them interesting, likely to be good for maintaining overall fitness but, to my mind, pointless.

If you are wishing to get fitter:-

Firstly, see your Doctor to find out the limits of your current capabilities.

Secondly, see the Centre's Coaches to allow them to access your current level and discuss the options open to you.

As a Taxi Driver I allowed my Lung Fitness to fall to an appalling low level and my weight to climb to 119 kilos. I started back with Swimming and then added Yoga, to get me back to a level that will allow me to handle an Aerobics Class (which is still a long way off). My next step will be adding Spinning to my selection as it puts little pressure on the Hip and Knee Joints.

As I don't know anything about your starting point I would say that, with care, Boxercise should be a good move but Zumba is the latest Fitness Craze and they all say that it's fun.

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