Bouncing Spam

  anchor 13:18 30 Mar 2003

I recently installed iHateSpam, which is proving very effective in catching, and isolating the many spam messages I have been receiving.

The programme gives me the option of bouncing these messages, as "message undeliverable, user unknown", (or something similar). By bouncing them, is this likely to gradually reduce the incoming flow?.

  Coaster3 13:24 30 Mar 2003

I have used mailwasher for about 6 months and it has reduced spam to a considerable extent.

I find it amazing though how many emails cannot be bounced as 'there is no such address'. They are normally from a Hotmail address.

  anchor 13:27 30 Mar 2003

Coaster3: Were you bouncing them?.

Yes, I would say about a fifth cannot be bounced because of address not found.

  Lú-tzé 14:23 30 Mar 2003

I have two problems with bouncing spam:

First of all, not all of it gives a true address in the "from" field; hence it gets bounced to an innocent individual. Few spams ask for a reply - they usually require the reader to click on a link or at the very least reply to a different address. I have a yahoo address which once filled with bounced spam - about 150 messages saying that the message could not be delivered so I assumed that my address had been used in the "from" field of a spam session.

Secondly, the format that mailwasher uses to bounce spam can easily be used with wildcards by the recipient of the bounced message to verify that it came from mailwasher, and hence is a genuine address.

For me, mailwasher's primary use is as a filter to delete spam from my pop3 servers so that it does not get into my pc.

Having said that, many people claim that the number of spam messages they receive has dropped considerably due to their use of mailwasher.

So if it works for you, bounce it. It keeps it of the local machine and some may bet bounced back to the correct sender.

  March Hare 00:19 31 Mar 2003

As a Mailwasher user, I notice that most spam mails cannot be bounced as they are from addresses that don't exist.

So if Mailwasher can detect these false addresses, why can't they be detected automatically by ISP's servers, and the spam deleted "at source"?

  Andsome 11:02 31 Mar 2003

Try Spam Pal off the CD from PC Advisor for last month

  March Hare 13:02 31 Mar 2003

SpamPal doesn't support Hotmail, which is the account on which 95% of my spam arrives!

Yes, I know I could dump Hotmail, but I use that account for various newsletters, online registrations and so on.

It just irks me that Hotmail states that something like 80% of its throughput is spam, so why don't they attack the problem at source by disallowing any mails which have a false sending address? If Mailwasher can spot these non-existent addresses, why can't (won't?) Hotmail and the rest?

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