bought my laptop but got some trouble

  casper69 12:37 12 Nov 2009

Hi all

hopefully someone can help, heres the story.

4 weeks ago i bought a macbook pro and apple care from micro anvika i choose to do the 12 months interest free which they advised no deposit and i would only pay back the amount if i didnt go over the 12month period. i wanted a special order so they advised me it would take 2 weeks so we done the credit finace and i was approved i signed all the forms and all was fine. a week later the laptop arrived they advised i would need to bring in the receipt when collecting it my dad went into collect it which was fine he waited an hour for a hand written receipt as the machine was not working and brought the laptop home all fine. a week later i got the computer receipt all ok and a week after that they sent me a letter saying they didnt charge me a deposit and that all special orders should have a deposit and they want me to come in and pay £300 for a deposit???

No one mentioned through the whole time speaking to them or on any receipts or paperwork about any deposit even when my dad picked it up and waited an hour no one mentioned anything.

so i need to know do i have to pay the deposit or not?

in my as nothing was mentioned originally and i signed paperwork with out any deposit on and also you pay a deposit first so you can guarantee you will get the item but i already have it, if they take me to court well its probable gona cost them more then £300.

trading statards said its their mistake but couldnt give me a straight answer like yes you have to pay it or no they are at fault.

sorry for the long story but i need to explain it in full.

please help cheers

  Woolwell 13:01 12 Nov 2009

Having seen the terms and conditions on their website click here
then I don't think you have to pay a deposit. However there is an administrative fee. have you paid that?
It doesn't say that the scheme applies to special orders. I can see why a company would want a deposit for special orders. If it is cancelled then they could be stuck with it.
Go back and talk politely to them explaining that a deposit for the 12 months interest free wasn't mentioned for special orders and is not in their website terms.

  casper69 13:20 12 Nov 2009

yeah i paid the admin fee of £15.

yeah i'll make a trip in and explain and see what they say first


  BRYNIT 13:31 12 Nov 2009

Check the 12 months interest free agreement you signed all the details should be on the agreement.

  wee eddie 14:18 12 Nov 2009

As you have collected the laptop and arranged to pay the given price to the Finance Company. The deal is complete.

If, however, you have Financed the Total Price, less £300, then do you owe it to them

  casper69 14:32 12 Nov 2009

checking the statement regarding the finance

the total is less £300 but on advance payment there is 0

the only thing with full cost on is the receipt not the finance.

also barclays just have the total with the less £300

  Woolwell 14:35 12 Nov 2009

Sounds as if you do owe £300. You obviously thought that it would be part of the finance deal. Bit late but always thoroughly check the paper work before signing.
Go back and talk it through.

  casper69 14:47 12 Nov 2009

yeah i'll see what they say and take it how it comes

  spuds 18:33 12 Nov 2009

Looking at what you have stated, it would appear that you do owe the £300.00.

If you have a CAB. Legal Advice or Consumer Advice Centre local, then get them to clarify the finance agreement and any other paperwork regarding the purchase.

  Forum Editor 19:21 12 Nov 2009

in not collecting the deposit, but that doesn't mean it's not payable. One way or the other you must pay the full price, and it seems to me that the best way forward is simply to pay it and forget about it, provided you can do so without hardship.

If it's likely to cause a financial problem you could try approaching the company to see if you can get the £300 written back into the finance agreement.

  casper69 08:50 13 Nov 2009

Thanks Editor

as it would cause a problem for me i'll see what they say about putting it back in the finance


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