Boots photos - 24 hr service states "2 DAY" on the collection ticket?

  theDarkness 13:29 18 Aug 2011

In Boots for processing film photos, I was asked if I wanted a one hour or 24 hr service. I asked for 24 hr as I was in a hurry to go elsewhere, but it states "2 DAY" on the collection ticket (2 DAY 6x4 D&P BTC)? I am guessing the staff didnt have a clue and that 24 hr is only ever for digital?

  theDarkness 14:00 18 Aug 2011

update-I found it on the boots website, only digital is 24 hr after all-I just wish that they had told me-but I was offered the 24 hr service AFTER I had given the film to them.. Its too bad when I said yes to 24 that they didnt accidentally give me it :)

  Covergirl 13:27 24 Aug 2011

Good stuff.

Our canteen serves an "All Day Breakfast" between the hours of 10am and 1pm. That certainly shortens the day!!

  brindly 19:51 29 Aug 2011

I had this experience a short time ago. I had about 90 digital photos on a cd and went to ASDA, they told me that would be £19 24hr service but if I had 200 it would only cost £10, how does that make sense? So I went home put another 120 on the disc and only paid £10!!!!

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