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  tenplus1 13:29 14 Mar 2007

It seems that some online companies are really bad at customer communication, especially the bigger they get.

I ordered a few cosmetic products from the site and waited the respective 15 day delivery period (and then some) and still no items delivered.

I tried to contact them numerous times through their online forms, email and phone numbers and I even tried their USA branch of the site to no avail. I cannot talk to anyone about this missing order and they have already taken their monies from my account.

They pride themselves on their top class customer service and fast delivery times but so far this seems like a pipe-dream to me. I'm wondering what else I can do apart from send their head company in London a letter. Ugg.

Any suggestions ?

  Kate B 13:32 14 Mar 2007

How long since you ordered now? I'd go straight to your credit card company and get the money refunded.

  tenplus1 03:08 17 Mar 2007

Thanks for the advice, I did just that, phoned credit card company and got full refund in under 24 hours... excellent!

  TWEETTZ 16:40 10 May 2008

I Place an order almost £80 and its been almost 2 months am still waiting .Am very upset with bohemia style.
i tried all sorts of contact ,I even went to their office in London I was told 'they have moved'.

  PennyPemberton 19:57 25 Jun 2008

This company claims to have a UK office but my letter to the address given on the invoice was returned undelivered (it is apparently just a block of many offices not a warehouse or retail unit). The telephone numbers given on the site are either unobtainable or constantly engaged 24 hours a day. They do not reply to any e-mail address given. I recovered my money from the credit card company but I would warn others against ordering from this site because you may not be that lucky. They claim not to charge your card until order shipped but they charged my card well before shipment, and the wrong amount (more of course, not less!). I managed to fax a cancellation request which was, needless to say, ignored. My order was meant to be shipped on 04/06/08 but the order status still shows waiting shipment and I know I'll never see the product. I reported them to Consumer Direct but was told there is no evidence to suggest this company has any connection with the UK so nothing they could do. The UK address is not given on the site and this is a legal requirement for UK companies trading on the internet so they can get away with treating people this way because they don't have to abide by UK law. Customer service would rate minus a million out of ten ......avoid at all costs!!! Pen x

  fpbutler 13:18 04 Oct 2008

I wish I had seen this forum earlier. I found their website while looking for something on their Canadian website. Following an email from my friend in Canada who checked locally and said they appeared to be legitimate I ordered something from the UK site. Needless to say one month later I am still waiting!

Trader's response was to say the package was shipped, but the tracking number provided was incorrect. I queried the incorrect tracking number 3 times, 26th and 27 Sept and again on 3rd October. No response to these three emails.

I have emailed Consumer Direct as Penny has done, with my details, simply to make more complaints known to them, maybe then something might be done about these people. I am also considering contacting the BBC Watchdog. If more of us contact them then maybe they might have more luck in tracking these people down and alerting the unsuspecting British public.

If you are interested, the link to BBC Watchdog is click here


  chasingwildgeese 18:48 09 Nov 2008

I ordered an alpaca fur teddy bear from Bohemia on 14 October anticipating a quick delivery. Bohemia resonded with an American postal service tracking number. Unfortunately the US post service do not seem to have anything in the system to track. (it was a shock to find the item was not apparently to be posted in the uk)
Almost a month later I have not received anything. The phone number on the website does not connect but I have left verbal messages on the fax line (which takes voice messages) along with several e-mails. I have had no response.
The funds have been debited from my account to Chile (again a shock). I unfortunately used a debit card but will talk to my bank but would guess the money is gone.
If anyone has a uk address for them I would appreciate it. It is certainly not listed on the website.
Certainly one to avoid.
David M

  chasingwildgeese 19:17 13 Nov 2008

Just to say the teddy bear arrived a month after ordering with a £16 customs charge to collect from the post office in spite of ordering from the uk website.
The teddy bear was only 11 inches high and not the advertised 15 inches. I would still very much avoid.

  Picklefactory 08:03 14 Nov 2008

At least the fact that your bear arrived shows the company do exist and occasionally deliver. Still doesn't say much for their standards, as they sound pretty abysmal, but not simply a complete scam site.

  [email protected] 23:17 29 Jan 2009

I wish I had read this forum first.
I also have been 'conned' by these unscrupulous characters.
I orderded an Alpaca cape at the beginning of January 2009.
I have regularly e-mailed and tried to phone both the UK and USA contacts but to no avail.
None of my messages have been answered.
How can a so called company like this continue to 'steal' from customers and get away with it for so long?
Is there not some way of putting them out of business?
They are out and out robbers after all, its now obvious to me that I would never have received my order.
Unfortunately I paid by debit card and I cannot claim my money back, never again, I will always use a credit card from now on.
One very angry and disgruntled ex-customer.

  Stuartli 00:34 30 Jan 2009

Depending on the amount, if it's a Visa debit card you should be able to make a claim.

>>I did just that, phoned credit card company and got full refund in under 24 hours... excellent!>>

To put it mildly, surprising. Normally a check is carried out and the refund, if the claim is accepted, will/may take a few days.

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