Blueyonder e-mail down again

  thms 19:22 22 Jun 2004

Just tried to access my e-mail and guess what?
It would seem there is something seriously amiss somewhere. According to the ticket raised they are working with external software personel.

Wonder if they have tried system restore or a clean re-install. Or perhaps a thread to the helproom would solve the problem.

  end 18:55 24 Jun 2004

following on from this posting
click here

if that server IS giving so much problems, WHY do people STAY with it??????
I have an acount with talk gas, and ( famous last words!!)IT has only been "down" I THINK twice in all the time i have been with it ( many years!!); if Blueyonder IS giving all this hassle,,,why stay with it??????? you have "freedom of choice" as consumers...why not USE your freedom......

  VoG II 19:27 24 Jun 2004

Mine has been fine for some time now.

I do have other e-mail accounts that I can use. But Blueyonder is my ISP and have just upgraded us with a 50% increase in speed so there is no way I am leaving!

  thms 19:44 24 Jun 2004

Well it's down again. Keeps asking for user name and password. If I try later it will probably work. A bit of a hit or miss at the moment.

  end 00:16 30 Jun 2004

WHY do you lot stay WITH blueyonder if it is giving you all these problems>???????????
I knwo "consunmer choise", but arnt you all "sticking with" soemthing that is not serving you and paying for a product that is not "giving you approprite levels of good service".......
I kkep seeing posts with blueyonder "in trouble";if it dont work, leave it and go for soemthing that DOES.........

  Curio 15:15 30 Jun 2004

I am with VoG. No problems with my email and the free upgrade to 750 is a boon.

  VoG II 18:54 30 Jun 2004

Yep, or 3 Mb/s in my case!

At least they are updating the ticket click here

  Bart of Darkness 21:57 30 Jun 2004

I'm contractually tied to Blueyonder as ISP until the end of my first year, if things don't improve I'll have to consider jumping ship.

I still keep my old Freeserve account on the go (that rarely gives me any trouble) and there's always web based email.

I find that if the sever keeps asking for user name and password (which it then rejects) the best thing to do is go to the Blueyonder site and check my email there.

  end 22:08 30 Jun 2004

so why put up with such unreliable service???

  VoG II 22:21 30 Jun 2004

Because in the 3 years or so that I have been with them they have been excellent, practically faultless, excellent on customer service and a damned good deal.

This is a glitch. Will you move on instantly when TalkGas has a "moment"?

  Bart of Darkness 22:53 30 Jun 2004

I've only been with Blueyonder a couple of months so I can't say if this is a temporary state of affairs or not (initially the service was faultless).

I've notice the problem tends to occure more during the day.

I find the rest of the service to be excellent, 100k a second download speeds, unlimited phone useage and (so far) helpful customer service staff.

Hopefully VoG™ is right and this is just a "moment".

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