Blueyonder Broadband installation

  DoctorButcher 14:53 26 May 2004

This is a warning for anyone comptemplating Blueyonder Broadband services, especially the TV services.


When my broadband services were installed last year, i had my TV in the corner of my living room and my Internet in an alcove in the living room. Since then, i have moved my PC into a side room and now want to relocate my TV into the alcove. However, the cable length for my TV is 1m long from the entry point so i'm not moving it anywhere!!

I have spoken to BY who want £75 to come out and add a length of cable sufficient for me to move my TV 3 metres across the room as it isn't company policy to provide extra cable - only enough to connect the appliance to the entry point. My request is classed as a 'relocation of services'

I could understand this if i wanted to move my TV into another room or was moving house, but 3 metres???? Come on!

How can Blueyonder justify a charge of £75 for 3 metres of cable?

That concludes my rant for today....i feel much better now! :)

  Steven135 15:34 26 May 2004

This is most definitely not on I would ask to speak to a manager if they aren't willing to help then customer relations then all the way to the CEO if necessary if you can't get satisfaction then on principle I would cancel and go with Sky and ADSL.

  Cook2 20:08 27 May 2004

It looks like I was lucky. When I had Blueyonder installed, TV + broadband, the engineer asked if I would like longer cables incase I wished to change around at a later date. He also took his time to explain everything to me and checked with me that everything was OK.

So anyone thinking of using Blueyonder should ask for the extra lengths at time of installation and ask as many questions as you wish until you are satisfied.

  helmetshine 23:38 27 May 2004

You're not paying £75 for the're paying £75 for the engineer.
You could argue that they should leave more cable in case you wish to move your equipment...but how much.If they left enough for a 3 metre move then someone who wanted to move 5 metres would complain about £75 for just 2 metres....where do you draw the line on reasonable cable length.

  Sir Radfordin 23:54 27 May 2004

I made sure that I got lots of extra cable when I had mine installed - helped by starting of with the TV and the PC in the daftest places far enough away from the junction box to ensure that I could move it around. When I moved out I took my very long cable with me...but then I also took my setup box and cable modem and when TW installed the service in the new house they gave me new ones and the guy couldn't take the old kit away as he doesn't carry that paperwork!

helmetshine does however make a valid point - what is a reasonable length of cable?

Let it be a lesson to any new joinees!

  DoctorButcher 07:57 28 May 2004

I know i'm not paying for the cable. I do not know, however how BY can justify charging £75 for no more than 5 minutes work!

Does anyone realistically think £15 per minute is a fair price to pay for someone to come out and screw a length of cable into the box? I certainly don't!

It doesn't matter now anyway, as i did the job myself...i just feel that BY are ripping off those vulnerable customers who don't know what they are doing by charging such an exorbitant rate.

Would you accept this rate from a plumber or car mechanic? I don't think so...

  Sir Radfordin 09:07 28 May 2004

Whilst the actually job may only take 5 minutes you have to remember that BY have to get to your house, train someone how to do the job, pay them holiday, make sure they are insured, have someone to answer the phone when you call etc etc.

A large number of plumbers will have a call out charge of a similar amount so its not that much of an exorbitant rate. You have to remember that BY don't earn anything more by doing this work - customer service isn't worth what it once was!

  helmetshine 21:02 28 May 2004


Have you called a plumber out recently....and as for car mechanics...ask your local dealer there labour rate...local Ford dealer here £75 per hour plus V.A.T...and YOU go to THEM,not the other way round as with BY, and it's plus parts.

They also go by book if the book says 2 hours,you're charged 2 hours even if the work only takes 1 hour.

Makes BY's charge seem not to unreasonable really

  ayrmail 23:10 28 May 2004

would you ever buy a house with just one eletric socket

why didn't you ask the question when you had it installed

was it free for so long with the phone and BB

who's vulnerable

  AngeTheHippy 22:09 29 May 2004

I've used telewest as my phone supplier for about 9 years now, and dial-up probably about 6 years. It'll be 3 YEARS in June that I rang B.Y. asking when I could avail of their broadband internet service as according to their website my area wasn't yet able to receive it. Answer: within the next 3-4 months... WHAT??? Someone was either 'on something' or was told to lie to customers asking such pointed questions. Anyway, I've gone off the idea now and am still plodding along with dial-up.


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