blueyonder 2 meg is here!

  Jamesy 14:23 13 May 2003

Finally! I checked PCA out today for the first time in ages and found it there, on your main page. I've been waiting for this for ages, so have straight away signed up.

Incase anyone's wondering, the 2 meg signup page is click here - this doesnt seem to be advertised in many places i had to phone them to get that address.

So, £50 a month quite reasonable i thought. Anyone else signed up yet? Any opinions?

  crx1600 14:50 13 May 2003

if like me you only use the web for general browsing,there's probably not much to be gained.

does blueyonder run the 1GB per day limit, ifso you could reach it and breach it in record time,(90 mins?)

what will this new service enable you to do, that you couldn't on the 1Mbps service.

  fitfella29 22:26 13 May 2003

download twice as fast?

im currently on the 1mbps service and i wont be upgrading to the 2mbps service,not at £50 anyways.

  crx1600 22:33 13 May 2003

i cant argue with that fitfella29 :o)

  powerless 22:41 13 May 2003

It should carry health warning.

"People who cannot yet recieve an ADSL service in there area should not "Click Here" "

It's a bit of a.......mickey take, 2MB, as some peple can only still get 56K :-(

  powerless 22:44 13 May 2003

Or even Cable.

  fitfella29 17:02 14 May 2003

i kinda miss that noise my old 56k modem would make while dialing into the net.

  VoG™ 18:32 14 May 2003

It is a tad fast at downloading... though not that much faster at general browsing (as suggested above).

I thought I'd give it a whirl as after 2 months you can downgrade if you wish. So far, I think I'll be keeping it.

P.S. Don't tell my housekeeper!!

  powerless 19:10 14 May 2003

VoG™ a millionaire?

  VoG™ 19:18 14 May 2003

Unfortunately not.

I had 1Mb/s at £35 a month. With the aid of Excel I've figured out that if I try 2Mb/s for two months its gonna cost me thirty quid. I can just about afford that. Of course if I decide to keep it I'll have to give up one of my expensive hobbies - like Mrs. VoG™.

  HardChikn 19:44 14 May 2003

I'm currently investigating some complaints of increasing difficulty with getting dial up connections. BroardBand is available in the areas in question. There has been a suggestion that it could be a ploy to "gently" persuade dial-uppers to switch to Broard Band. Any comments...?

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