bluetooth mouse

  jimmybond 22:41 05 Mar 2007

anoyone used these before? any good, in terms of reliability, stable connection, battery life etc...?
click here
...or would a standard usb wireless one be better?

  moorie- 23:04 05 Mar 2007

have you got a wireless card or set up?
bluetooth and ieee are on the same frequency

i have read threads on other forums where bluetooth has interfered with the ieeee set up/speeds etc

ive just had hassle with bluetooth dongle and my wireless card,unless i disable the card i get conflict

it maybe my issue is not directly related but bluetooth works if i disable the ieee

  jimmybond 23:10 05 Mar 2007

yes, I have a wireless card built in (it's a laptop). As I understand it, the frequency interference is only with the wireless b range.

  moorie- 23:20 05 Mar 2007

mines a laptop,wireless card built in,couldnt tell you if its b range though sorry

ill watch your thread though,as im also thinking of buying a wireless mouse

  Al94 09:06 06 Mar 2007

I've used one with my laptop for almost a year with no prolems, it's first class. (Not the one you are looking at). If it's for every day use be careful which one you go for. Most bluetooth mice are mini size and really too small for full time use. Go for a full size one and make sure it has a cradle or facility to charge from usb port as they can be sore on batteries. Mine is a "Trust" model, now discontinued as far as I can see. I dont see many full size ones about at the moment but this looks good click here

  jimmybond 12:19 06 Mar 2007

thanks for the all the advice - AI94 - I hear what you're saying about the laptop mice being smaller - I do actually prefer them a bit less than 'full size' anyway. I can always use rechargeable AA's as well.
I've had a look at the reviews for the kensington bluetooth mouse - a large percentage don't rate it very highly at all - so I think I'll avoid.
There don't seem to be that many around, of this type - this one seems to fit the bill though:
click here
the only thing I'm worried about, is the vista compatibility. Bluesoleil, the software which came on a CD with the laptop, won't install, due to some conflict/driver issue which I haven't worked out.
So I'm stuck with the vista widget thing, which seems a bit flakey sometimes. I really can't be bothered adding a new bluetooth device every time the laptop wakes up from 'standby' mode ;-)

  QinesiQ 17:52 09 Mar 2007

I have the MS8000 notebook version - its only very slightly smaller (not mini) and has laser pointer and remote - tres cool. Comfy to use and works well with existing built-in BT but comes with dongle for advanced functions - like the remote bit - but apparently the remote works (with your exiting BT) - I’ve just not managed it yet ;-). Bought from Lambdatek (best deal at the time) and arrived next day.

ooh – just noticed - its the same link as ßeta's coincidence!

  QinesiQ 17:19 21 Mar 2007

Thought I should revise what I wrote above – figured out ALL its functions work with lappy’s built-in BT. I pressed the wee button on the top to switch btwn mouse and remote functions – doh!

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