Blank CDs, cases and other gear - bargains ?

  Tenner 17:55 31 Jan 2003

I just thought some might like to see this - click here, but I'll leave it to you whether there are any worthwhile bargains !

Usual discl;aimer - i.e. no connection with the firm


  Stuartli 19:20 31 Jan 2003

I ordered the £30 Cyber 36x rewriter for a friend yesterday after the company's usual weekly e-mail arrived...

  blakdog 22:49 31 Jan 2003

you can't beat your local tesco supastore. Our one at Colchester sells good quality brands at absolutely silly prices. They do audio cds at VAT free prices too!

  Stuartli 14:42 01 Feb 2003

Tesco's "absolutely silly prices" only occur very occasionally at my main branch - the second largest in the UK.

Even then there are better offers elsewhere, including Morrison's three packs of 10 Imation 32x or 48x CD-Rs in cases for £10.

  blakdog 17:11 01 Feb 2003

At Colchester they are there every week although the products and the deals change. They are usually about 30 to 50% cheaper than anywhere else I can find. That being said, 7 day shop in the channell islands is normally pretty competitive and do cheap original ink cartridges as well, the only drawback is the slow delivery but I always order well early.

  spuds 17:58 01 Feb 2003

At one point, Staples were very competative with their range of blank cd's, but not any longer.We do not have a local Morrison's [except if they merge with Safeways]so I am unable to obtain a supply from there.I have a local specialised back street shop, that sells 100x packs of unbranded blank cd's for £15.99, but am I risking it?

  Sepulchre 18:06 01 Feb 2003

Check this out - click here.

As Tenner said above I've nothing to do with these people, but I did buy 50 DVD R (2 x 25 spindles) for £11.50 each. Got to be a bargain!


  Tenner 17:52 02 Feb 2003

Or you could try here : click here

Whilst a number of us will no doubt continue to notify ( new ) members of certain bargains - it is ConsumerWatch after all - I shall continue to search for value for money, rather than struggle to get onto a carpark, wasting more in petrol money than the cost of P&P.

Any 6 members could no doubt compile a list of bargain suppliers for the benefit of all, the trouble is, the list would disappear off the BB within hours as the number of members increases at such an amazing rate.

Let's help one another rather than enter into a bickering 'mine's better than yours' situation.

  Stuartli 20:31 02 Feb 2003

bigpockets does 100 packs of media for little more than half of what you are paying...:-)

Incidentally I've had an e-mail to say my £30 rewriter order has been despatched.

  leo49 21:25 02 Feb 2003

Well said,Tenner. You're not the only one fed up with the smug oneupmanship.


  spuds 22:06 02 Feb 2003

Just checked the special offer you mentioned, but found delivery charge quoted at £6.99. This would have brought the blank cd's inclusive cost to £15.98. Perhaps if I order more items the savings would be worthwhile, but in this case, it would appear not.

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