Blackberry AppWorld - I am fuming!

  superhoops 21:20 02 Apr 2011

My son bought a Blackberry Curve recently and has downloaded a few free apps so far. Today he wanted an 85p game and I agreed to pay for it on my credit card (he's only 11!).

On clicking the purchase button a message came up saying that the card could not be authorized or something like that and said to try again. So, thinking there was a problem with their servers we tried again, Same message. Tried several times as, to me, a message saying your card could not be authorized means that payment has not been made. I tried a different card with the same result. I eventually gave up.

Later on I decided to go on my online banking website. I had to ring the bank as the website wouldn't let me in. I was put through to the fraud department who informed me they had stopped my card due to three 85p transactions made in a few minutes and this was often the work of fraudsters "trying out a card". I then rang my credit card to be told I had five 85p transactions in a twenty minute period. Maybe I should have not clicked "purchase" so many times but if a message says try again then I will.

What I cant understand is 1. If a message says that my card cant be authorized how am I still charged, 2. How on earth does the appworld allow the payment for the same app multiple times (Apple's app store certainly doesnt).

Eventually, after much searching on the blackberry website I found, what I hope is, the email address to contact them re the appworld. I have told my son he will only be able to download free apps as I cant risk this happening again.

Anyone else had anything similar?

  gengiscant 15:43 03 Apr 2011

Similar thing happened with me and Apple's App store, except it was £30.00 that was taken instead of £10.00. After much bother I got the money back.
I think I was partly to blame but it still just goes to show you cannot be to careful.

  [email protected] 22:47 03 Apr 2011

I don't claim to be an expert in this, but what sounds like has happened to me is that each time you've clicked purchase, Blackberry AppWorld has sent a request to your bank to charge 85p to your card. Your bank has considered this charge as suspicious and therefore declined the transaction. Blackberry therefore reported back to you that the transaction was unsuccessful (which is true). And then since so many of these charges were attempted, your bank blocked your card for reasons that they explained. So you haven't actually been charged at all. Blackberry have ATTEMPTED to charge you on 5 occasions, but your bank blocked each one.

I'm sorry to say this but Blackberry have done absolutely nothing wrong here. It's your bank that has wrongly blocked a suspicious transaction. That's the price we pay though for having such good security measures in place for our bank cards - occasionally there is going to be a false positive!

  superhoops 23:54 03 Apr 2011

Hi and thanks for [email protected] thing is that the 85p's HAVE been charged to my accounts( five times to my credit card and three times to my bank account). I have confirmed that this has happened. They weren't blocked just flagged as suspicious.
I have today received a reply to my email to Blackberry asking me to phone them which i shall hopefully do tomorrow,

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