biting the bullet

  steve1ooo 20:45 10 Oct 2006

Finally orderd a new pc. After much searching here and on other forums i`ve gone for evesham. despite what people generaly say i found them no more expensive than any one else.

I will update this post regarding customer service and quality of the pc.

Looking forward to giving Evesham a glowing review!

  STREETWORK 21:27 10 Oct 2006

your not pushing for some freebees are you??...

  steve1ooo 13:44 11 Oct 2006

Now that would be nice.

  GaT7 20:29 11 Oct 2006

"...despite what people generaly say i found them no more expensive than any one else...." - now that I have to see to believe.

Good luck with the new PC : ), G

  steve1ooo 20:39 17 Oct 2006

Had an automated call today stating my pc will be deliverd wednesday betqween 8 and 5 o`clock.

so far so good

  steve1ooo 21:15 18 Oct 2006

My new pc arrived today as promised and is working perfectly. Thank you Evesham. Thank god i didn`t by from mesh or pcnext day.These company`s have got to realise that the bad posts they get in these and other forums are costing them thousands of pounds in lost business.
Still thats not my problem.

  skeletal 14:23 19 Oct 2006

It's good to hear steve. I want to buy or build a new computer in the near future and if I buy, it would be from Evesham so I'm glad they still seem to offer good service.


  steve1ooo 16:36 19 Oct 2006

This is my first pc from Evesham and i can`t praise it highly enough. i played about with the customise options on both mesh and pc specialist sites as well. the pc specialist option was slightly cheaper but only had back to base warrenty.With three years on site the mesh was actually dearer. The only really cheap option was pcnext day and after the horror stories posted on this forum i would not take that risk.

  skeletal 17:06 19 Oct 2006

Glad you like it steve.

Funnily enough, I have been doing similar things and was attracted to one of the quick Zoostorms, it having 2G of RAM and a better graphics card (at the time anyway). But I have also been put off by the threads here!

I have had two Eveshams in the past and have been happy with them.

And they have an office/showroom a short drive away from me as well...don’t know why I thought of anyone else really!

I just keep thinking about hanging on for Vista, but I really want a faster computer NOW!!!


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