big mesh woe

  claudine 10:28 06 Feb 2005

I bought a mesh last march and everyone here was so helpful with advice following all the various problems I had with it. It has been such a long process that my memory might be at fault but as far as I can remember the hard disk has been replaced at least three times and the video card once. I have lost count of the amount of times I've had to reload windows. Once was my fault because there was a conflict between the computer and the NAV. Someone came here to change the hard disk twice, and my computer has been back to mesh twice (or maybe three times). The last time it went back was in november, when the hard disk died. I have spent hours and hours on the phone with mesh also. I am reiterating an earlier thread by Survey when I say that Phil Pooke couldn't have been more helpful, and when Davey has replied to posts of mine on here he has always done exactly what he said. Other than these people I have had at best indifferent help from mesh - ranging from extremely wrong, like telling me I couldn't have windows MCE without a set top box (not pre sales advice, this was when I had the computer here), to very rude. saying that I would have to ring some premium software support line, instead of passing a message on to Phil pooke when he had asked me to do so himself.
Yesterday I was defragmenting the harddrive when the computer froze (it often freezes) and when I tried to reboot a message came up saying I had to reload windows. My recovery disk was a replacement that Phil sent me and it doesn't seem to work like the old one - it has reloaded onto another drive with only a little space. Anyway I am so fed up. I have spent weeks of my time on this thing. With the exception of you here, Davey and Phil I have been made to feel stupid and incompetant. I have been using computers for 15 years and I have never ever had such a bad experience. I can appreciate that many people enjoy tinkering with stuff but I have neither the time nor the inclination. I am a single parent and I need a reliable machine. I have given mesh the benefit of the doubt for almost a year now but I have come to the end of the road with them. The last time I had a problem I emailed Davey twice without going on here and I got no response so this time I will make use of your excellent forum and ask him if he would like to have his computer back and give me some kind of recompense. I will buy another one from somewhere else. I am profoundly disappointed with mesh

  spuds 11:05 06 Feb 2005

Reading the above statement, I would suggest that you contact your local trading standards for further advice.I would also suggest that you take any relevant paperwork with you, as this may make your case easier to understand.

  961 11:08 06 Feb 2005

A lemon, or a Friday machine. Whatever you call it you have to feel for the buyer, who seems to have stuck with the thing far longer than many of us would have done.

Of course, it's only one side of the story, but unless there is some serious reason not to, it's surely time Davey came up with a replacement and consigned this system to the wide blue screen of death for the sake of the customer AND Mesh

  claudine 11:43 06 Feb 2005

..the thing is they DO keep replacing parts of it. Last May, or April they replaced the whole machine, and I paid extra to have a 64 bit 3400+ processor and a bigger hard drive (I think). But every three months or so it dies for one reason or another and I lose everything (I know I should back it all up). I last got it back from Mesh at the beginning of November with a new hard drive, but it has always regularly frozen since then. The last time I phoned they were so rude I never bothered again and so I just put up with the freezing. I remember another thread here where someone had big problems due to all the complicated software they were using, but I don't use any. I got rid of the NAV and I use the AVG professional version. I use netgear things for my wireless network. I have Office, a Dell axim x50, an apple ipod, and games. I haven't dared put SP2 on since I knew there were problems. I almost don't like anyone to sneeze too close in case it breaks. I know that sounds stupid but it is almost true. I don't want another computer from Mesh but I think a partial refund would be nice. Last January I bought a laptop from Evesham and guess how many times I've had to call their technical support? I know it's a much simpler machine but all the same...

  smoothcue 11:53 06 Feb 2005

Wow,what a horror story claudine.
I sincerely hope that Davey from Mesh will sort this mess out for you asap.
Maybe the Forum Editor could use his powers of persuasion to push the right people into action on this?.
Good luck with this,I'm sure it will end well.;~)

  claudine 12:00 06 Feb 2005

Thanks very much smoothcue, I would appreciate any amount of good luck wishes and powers of persuasion

  Forum Editor 12:39 06 Feb 2005

are always the most difficult to solve claudine, because on the face of it there are some very strange factors involved.

Having one hard disk fail is not unheard of - it happens. Having to replace the hard drive three times is most unusual however, and with the best will in the world it's difficult to accept that three separate hard drives would fail in the same computer, one after the other, within the space of 12 months. I'm not saying that it isn't possible, but it is very unlikely, and I'm wondering if there isn't some unknown contributing factor at work here.

Your description of the software you're running on the machine doesn't give rise to any concern - it's all standard stuff. The fact that you have unsinstalled Norton Anti Virus and opted for AVG Pro is also perfectly OK - in fact it's for the good as far as I'm concerned.

The cause of a Lock-up or BSOD is often very difficult to track down, and could be either software or hardware related, or both - have you added anything at all to the machine in terms of hardware since you first took delivery?

Your comparison between the Evesham laptop and your Mesh desktop isn't really that valid, although I can understand why you made it. Laptops tend to be less stressful because there are not really any user-accessible components (apart from RAM), and if they work at first they tend to go on working. We see far more desktop-related problems in the forum.

I'm sure you'll understand that it's difficult to make judgments, based on the information we have from you, and of course we do only have one side of the story, but I can see that something has to happen here. I personally doubt that Trading Standards would have much to go on - as far as I can see Mesh haven't broken any of the consumer laws at all. This is a customer service issue, in that you feel you haven't had a sufficient level of support from Mesh - despite the fact that they have replaced at least two hard drives, a video card. You have said yourself that Phil Pooke of Mesh "couldn't have been more helpful" and that Davey "has always done exactly what he said", and to be very frank, you do seem a bit vague about what exactly has been done. With that in mind I'm not too sure what the next step is - other than talking to Mesh.

This is really a matter that has to be resolved between the two parties concerned - you and Mesh - although obviously the consumer protection legislation applies. The fact is that you have had a replacement machine already - you say that the whole machine was replaced last May - so we're talking about two computers repeatedly failing. Something doesn't add up claudine, and I wonder if you would like me to contact Mesh on your behalf, and see if I can get their response, together with a history of exactly what has happened? Let me know if you would like me to do that.

  961 14:14 06 Feb 2005

...why not take the Forum Editor up on that.

It's a good offer, and you have nothing to lose

  bfoc 15:19 06 Feb 2005

Is a good idea.

I was just wondering when you say 'Last May, or April they replaced the whole machine' do you mean that you know you had a totally new machine, different model, motherboard, graphics card? Or was it the same machine with a different chip & (perhaps) hard drive?

Having two different machines exhibiting similiar problems would be most strange, as the FE says, however if the basic machine was the same then some RAM, motherboard or power supply problems might explain things.

I would suggest that you try to check (via your emails, letters, orders etc) exactly what has been done and draw up a diary of events - that would help whatever you choose to do.

  claudine 16:05 06 Feb 2005

dear forum ed thank you very much for your kind offer. Yes I would LOVE you to contact mesh on my behalf.

To answer your questions, in terms of hardware I have attached to my machine the following: a netgear wireless usb adaptor, a lexmark printer, a dell axim x50 pda, a couple of sony cybershot cameras, and an apple ipod.

I do understand that you can't really compare an evesham laptop with a high end desktop (which is what this is supposed to be).

I "think" the hard drive was replaced three times. I am sorry to be so vague but I have had so many problems with this computer they have all kind of melted into one big one. If you can read back over my posts you will see most of what happened up until the summer. Then in August (I think) we lost all the channels on the My Tv function (this is windows MCE) and it ws found that our video card (?) had died. I think we sent it back to mesh, or maybe someone came here to change it - sorry can't remember. Then in October the whole computer refused to reboot and was going in a kind of loop when I tried to reload windows, and it got sent back and the report (and Phil) said the hard drive had died. It went back to mesh and we got it back at the beginning of november. It came back with various little niggly things, like the freezing, and the autorun function wasn't there anymore (when you put a cd in the drive) - eventually I was emailed the missing bit, and something to do with the tv function too but I don't recall exactly what it was.

When I said that Davey had always done exactly what he said, I meant that when I have used this forum in the past, and he has written a reply here - for instance saying that someone would contact me at 9am, they have done so, and when I was contacted by mesh people as a result of what I wrote on here I was always treated with great respect and everyone fell over themselves to be helpful.

As a contrast, when I got my computer back last november and there were issues with it, I used the email address for Davey twice and got no response. I tried the email address on the "contact us" page on the mesh support site and had no response. I phoned the helpline and Phil helped me with one problem, and I said I would try his suggestions and get back to him a day or so afterwards about the other issues, but when I did they wouldn't put me through and I had a surreal argument with someone who said it was past three days or whatever, since I'd received the computer back and I couldn't speak to anyone but had to call the premium rate software support line. When I said I'd emailed my problems to the address on their support page only a day or so after I had had the computer back he said there was no such email address there. I think that's when I gave up

Anyway, if you don't mind helping I would be extremely grateful. I completely take your point about mesh having done (mostly) what they could to resolve issues with this computer, but I have got to the point where I no longer want to devote all my leisure hours to reloading windows, sending this back to mesh etc. I also want to be able to trust that what is a fairly central and important part of my life is going to be working for longer than three months at a time.

  Starfox 16:30 06 Feb 2005

Oh dear me, what a tale of woe.Hope you get it sorted somehow.

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