Beware Wanadoo Upgrade

  ened 06:51 02 Sep 2005

My Father accepted an offer for an upgrade to 2meg at a cost of £20.

That was ten days ago and he was promptly disconnected and is still disconnected.

Many calls at his own expense have resulted in his being given the run around.

Apart from the inconvenience I believe this just proves they don't really care about any individual.

However many of his friends have now cancelled their intended upgrades and are actively seeking a suitable alternative isp.

I have been dissatisfied with their service for some time. Maybe more people should vote with their feet.

  georgemac © 08:08 02 Sep 2005

I already have - I am now with click here £17.99 per month, 5Gbyte allowance, you can check your usage online, & 4 month's free as I did not need any broadband equipment.

The migration process went very smoothly, apart from getting a MAC code from wanadoo. I emailed wanadoo for a MAC code, they emailed me back saying they could not give me a MAC code by email, but gave me a number to phone. 5 calls to 0870 numbers later, wandoo emailed me the MAC code!

  georgemac © 08:09 02 Sep 2005

sorry I am with madasafish, the speed is up to 2 MB, I am currentl on 1 MB

  ened 17:11 02 Sep 2005

After further phone calls (still at his expense) he has been promised that he will be back on line today - Friday.

It is now gone five and still no connection.

When he asked the girl at Freeserve why he wasn't warned that upgrading would mean cutting him off for a fortnight the reply was:

"It doesn't happen often"!!!!!

They are hopeless and this will cost them dear.

  VCR97 19:01 02 Sep 2005

Wanadoo said that the upgrade might take about ten days. It was done in three days. There was no disconnection. They do, though, have an annoying habit of duplicating all confimatory e-mails.

  anchor 19:10 02 Sep 2005

Why their upgrade involves a cut-off I don`t know. My upgrade with Pipex from 512 to 1Mb was seamless; (no interruption of service).

The first few days were at 2Mb, until Pipex throttled me back to 1Mb. From reading the ADSL forums this appears to be the norm.

  Dizzy Bob 19:21 02 Sep 2005

Wanadoo, upgraded me within 24 hours of accepting the offer. No interruptions at all.


  Bingalau 20:03 02 Sep 2005

I found that "Wanadoo/Freeserve" used to cut me off for at least a week every year, when my payment was stopped for some reason. My bank was paying by Direct Debit but on the anniversary the service was always stopped. They then wanted a re-connection fee. So I voted with my feet and went to "Virgin" (No problems) Virgin always tell me they are about to deduct the payments before they do so. But with Wanadoo there was no notice whatsoever of any kind at any time just "Nothing".. I've also been upgraded (Broadband) by Virgin twice seamlessly. No bother at all. I just had to switch off and switch on again the next morning.

  tattie 13:51 03 Sep 2005

Three days upgraded from 1 to 2mb no problems no charge Wanadoo

  ened 14:24 03 Sep 2005

It might seem strange in this electronic age but their biggest problem appears to be communication (Or lack of it).

If they are going to have some down time why not warn everybody by email?

If I was cynical I would suggest they make a goodly sum from all their helplines, to which many people rely as their first port of call.

They will never admit to ever having had a problem, yet the fault is always at their end.

My father is still disconnected and there should have been no need for it, except perhaps at the point in time when they make the switch.

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